Snow Devils

Its Friday and I have to say I’m happy it is. Its been a long, cold week here in NEPA. Freezing temps, lots of ice, but more than that, snow devils have been dancing in the fields.

000snow devils

I didn’t take this picture, but it explains what I’m talking about for those who may not know the term “snow devils”. The snow devils dancing at my house were much daintier than those pictured here, and they were legion…graceful and skidding across the snow topped hay fields like so many ballerinas. They twirled and bent in sync with the music of the ages playing in their ears, so that I could almost hear it myself as I watched them move. In their wake, they left drifts two, three, and five feet high. Gorgeous to look at, but treacherous to drive through.

Have you ever been stuck in a snow drift?

I have been stuck deep inside a snow drift and it was not fun getting out. It took one very large tractor to extricate me, and I had a bent car bumper when it was all said and done. Worst of all, the car I was driving at the time wasn’t mine. 😦

Yeah, that cost me some money.

I can’t say this winter has been without its beauty, even though I regularly complain about its chilling effect on us all in NEPA. A week or so ago the neighbors five, count them, five, horses broke loose and came to visit. We were getting ready to leave the house when they ran at a full gallop across the frozen, snow-capped fields in front of our house, and around the back hillside. We felt blessed to have a front row seat for this incredible equine action.


What a sight!

Horses are scary creatures in my opinion, so I never ride. I rarely get close to them either (despite the fact we own a horse and a donkey), but as they moved across that snowy field, with their hooves kicking up puffs of snow behind them and following one another gleefully, rejoicing in their freedom to do what God intended them to do, we all stood slack-jawed and amazed at their beauty. My son got his cell out and video taped them, but watching the tape is nothing compared to standing there in real-time watching them move. They are powerful animals.

You had to be there!

I wanted to share these reflections from life on a snowy Friday as a reminder to myself and anyone reading along with me today that God is good, that He made a beautiful world for us to enjoy, that He meant for us to stop and stare, and that His purpose has always been for us to seek Him, find Strength in Jesus, be beautiful in our own way, and dazzle the world with the grace He provides.

When has the beauty of the world captivated you? How have you used inner strength to meet a goal in your life?


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