DIY: Stuffing Pillows

I promised last week that I would share my DIY project from the weekend, but I never did that.  Sorry.  I meant too, really, I did.

This is what I started with–a weak and wimpy set of fuzzy pillows. They not only needed a lil beefing up, but a hair cut, too.



Lack luster







The stuffed one even looked taller when I was done. Curious!


Here’s a close up of the hairy beast.


Here is a shot of them after the meal and the trim.  Sweet!


 I have a lot to learn about these tutorials, cuz ooops, this last picture is not a shot of the final pillows stuffed.  See the long “hair” hanging off the bottom of the pillow?  That is pre-trim, so this picture is not an accurate depiction of my finished DIY Project, and I forgot to take photos as I stuffed and sewed.  All you get to see with this post, then, is verification that I have red hairy pillows on my couch, and that I did something to puff them up.

The completed pillows were pretty hard and I thought I might have gone too far with this whole stuffing gig, but we use the pillows to lean on while we watch TV at night, and read, so they have shrunk in size already.  Next year, I’ll take out all the old stuffing and put completely new fill inside, but this year I was too timid to try that.  I’m gaining confidence with each DIY project I attempt. 

Next up:  a redo for the new old lamp I bought at VOA.



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