She Looks Like Me

I have a kindred spirit, her name is Danielle.

We think alike.

We share the same opinions many times.

We are both bold and opinionated.

We are both strong women of faith. We even look alike.

Don’t believe me? Look here:





Side-by-side comparison:


Admittedly, that last one is a scary photo.  I have a bit o the crazy eyes in that one, but Danielle looks gorgeous. Not Fair!!!

Danielle has recently taken to wearing wigs. She’s having fun being a different woman every day of the week. This picture was taken on the Saturday before Easter 2015, when we met with her and her family for an Easter Egg Hunt at New Covenant Church in Mansfield, PA.  Because this blond wig looked so much like my hair style, I asked Danielle to put on my glasses and pose for that first picture. She is always up for a good time, so she quickly agreed (she has been the subject of my award winning photos before). I snapped that first picture, then Megan snapped the one with us together.

I think we look alike. What do you think? 

Danielle was taken aback by the resemblance, once she saw the photo.  Me, not so much. I saw it as soon as I saw her in the wig.  I’ll have to get her to share a few pictures of herself in other styles. She really is having the best of times with them all.

Thank you for being a good sport, Danielle, and for sharing the many-shades-of-Danielle with us all.  We are having almost as much fun with the wigs as you are. Almost!  Now, if I could just ugly you up a bit, we’d look more like sisters.  Hahahah, just kidding.  You’re beautiful, just the way you are–don’t ever change!

Do you have someone in your family who with a lil make-up or hair styling looks like you?  Who would you say is your kindred spirit?


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