Fortnight Fitness Challenge

I think I’m ready for another fitness challenge of my own making. This time, its one that involves exercise.

It’s beginning to look like spring in NEPA, so time to get outside and get my walk on. Despite the mud puddles and the deer ticks (yes, we have found one on our clothes already), I’m up for this challenge, mostly because it means I get to bring a significant other along with me on the walking trails.


May 2015 Fortnight Fitness Challenge

Here’s the specs for this fitness challenge…

The challenge: Walk 30-60 minutes each day

Duration:  two weeks

Starting Date:  May 1st

Stipulation:  You must have a walking partner with you to count.

Prize: TBD, will be announced before challenge begins.

I hope my partner for this challenge will most often be my hubs, but it could be any one who wants to move more in May. I will be posting to my facebook page the days when I will be walking in the valley and other locales.  When I do, consider yourself invited to join me for my walk.

If you want to be a part of this walking challenge, add a comment below.  I’ll post more info as the challenge start date approaches.

Together, we get better! 


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