Front Page News


Front page news.
Tragic news.
Sad, sad news!
Addiction’s struck again.

A good man falls.
A mind full of light courted darkness.


Temptation’s done her best; she wins again.

Lives upended.
Young girls marred.
A marriage bed burned by flickers of molten lust.
A church singed in the process.
A career tainted.
Friendships decimated.
Cuffs tighten.

Gavel grinds into hard oak.
Uniforms move into action against a likeable guy.
Clock ticks until time-served.
Addition of another name to the sex-offender registry.

Compass smashed. No winners here. SAD!

Lesson learned:
Don’t take habit for granted.
Don’t let your eyes wander.
Don’t give your heart full reign.
Don’t perpetrate.

The grave opens her mouth to plenty, don’t be her between-meal snack.

Seek treatment!


Sorrow sweeps my banks like a river dampening low lands in the spring.
So much to be sorry for…so much pain.

Addiction: Deadly, Killer, Liar, Thief!


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