Big Sale, Big Blessings!

The BIG SALE (Mt. Pisgah Church’s Benevolence Rummage Sale), is done for another year. 

It makes me sad to write that sentence. Sad, because I love this event.  But I am happy, too.  Happy, because we were able to invite many into our church this week, a church that is situated pretty much in the middle nowhere, and yet in the most beautiful of places–a hillside a hop, skip, and jump from East Smithfield, PA  This is God’s country, and the seat of many blessings; my home church.

To God’s credit and because of the assistance of many, we raised a lot of money for our Benevolence fund this year.  Yay!

Can I hear a woot, woot?

All that money–100% of it–will be used to meet the needs of struggling individuals in our community.  Just imagine how much good can be done with the funds that came in because of this sale.

Thank you all for any prayers said, and any good thoughts thunk on our behalf as we hosted this sale one more time.  I’m still basking in the joy and wonder of God’s work through and to His people because of it.

Our God reigns!!!!

When have you seen God’s hand at work in your life lately?  What amazing things has He done for you?  How do you feel when God takes your time and turns it into blessing for others? Do tell…


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