Transformation Thursday–Bob has Surgery

Yesterday was hubs big day! 

Cataract surgery day, that is.  He went in with two broken eyes, and came out with one broken eye and one Pete, the Pirate, patch.

This is his before picture:


Handsome, right?!  Hubba, Hubba!!!

This is handsome Bob once he’s been transformed into Pete, the Pirate:


Ha!  He was still drunk on Valium when this was taken.

Before this picture, but after surgery, friends met us to share a cup o joe and check up on Pete.  My salty pirate was st-arrrh-ving by then.  Sitting across the table from us, she said:  I don’t think I’ve ever seen you this mellow, Bob. 

Pete said: Arggghh!


After getting some grub in his pie hole, my pirate felt better.  He was master of his own brand of chiseled manliness still, but he was more animated…more like himself.  He was having fun with it by afternoon, so we took some pics on the cell phone and sent them to the kiddos in Rochacha and then we recorded a video. 


On the video, Pete says things like, “shiver me timbers,” and “I’m gonna go steal me some booty.”  I’m gonna give Bob a few days to recuperate, then we’ll revisit the videos together.  I think I heard him playing one this morning and snickering.

So. Much. Fun!! 

We also recorded a lil duet together on the cell phone yesterday.  These are the times when I wish I had a GoPro.  I swear, I am going to get me one and have him start his post-retirement You Tube video blog, titled: I Ate Worse Than That in Nam.

I think he’d quickly have a million fans. The things that man will do for laughs, guffaws, and giggles you cannot imagine.  Or maybe you can!  He’s quite the clown.

I’m so glad I married Bob Hoose; with him, there is never a dull moment.

Love you, Pete! Now get out there and mow that lawn, will ya.  If not, then the plank!

Yeah, I’m that girl.

When has your mate surprised you with a sense of humor in tense times?  Do you regularly laugh together? What is his or her greatest quality, and how does it round out who you are in the marriage?


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