Holy Spirit Fire

Last Sunday, those in the lil corner room read from Acts 2 and discussed together Holy Spirit fire.

It was of great interest to me that the Holy Spirit, as it manifested itself to the faithful at Pentecost, appeared first as a single unit and then broke off into smaller tongues-mini fires of grace that came to rest on individuals.

What an amazing sight it must have been to see it happen–see the Spirit of Prophecy and Grace come to dwell with men in this way.

Undeserving men.

Previously: unholy, salty, selfish guys, and wanton women.

Now: sanctified, set aside, focused, devoted, prepared, waiting…

I found a You Tube video of a fire tornado yesterday and it made me think of our discussion.  Granted, the fire in this clip is generated and controlled my men, and it is beautiful, but imagine what it might look like if it were God’s fire.

God’s flame.

God’s Spirit in their midst.

The Bible says the Holy Spirit is like fire, but also like the wind.


Blowing wherever it wishes.

Not to be controlled by men.

Where will it blow next? Who will be blown over by it?  When has the Holy Spirit of God touched your life and left you singed by His glory?  


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