Summer Nuptials–Sherry and Michael

We attended the first wedding of the summer this past weekend.

Sherry and Michael got hitched on Saturday, June 20th.  Sherry had been counting down the days on FaceBook, convincing us all that she was pretty excited about the her upcoming marriage.  I was, too, because we were going to travel out for the wedding.  I’m not sure what all Michael was doing before the wedding, other than buying a new bike, cleaning house, and getting fitted for a new pair of jeans.  The theme for the wedding was Blue Jeans and Board Games, and I have to say that the groom looked pretty dapper in his new BLUE jeans, something he says he has not worn in years.

Here he is in a dark picture looking handsome in his wedding duds.  His bride is at the top of the steps as this picture is being taken and he knows it will only be moments now until she is his wife. Look at that face!


The lady in the pink lei next to Michael is Pastor Lea, spiritual leader of East Grove Methodist Church.  I liked her the moment I met her, and I can totally understand why they love her so much.  Their church had finished up their VBS on Friday night, with the closing program scheduled for the day after the wedding, so the couple fashioned a blue jean wedding on the beach.  No problem.

So. Much. Fun.

We love that Sherry and Michael kept the service down-home and comfortable when they were planning their wedding.  They are caring people.  They don’t fuss. They don’t fume.  They hug and smile and go with the flow, and just enjoy each others company and we love that about them.

I grabbed a few shots of the church while waiting for the ceremony to begin.


Don’t you love the stain glass windows found in old churches? We don’t have any of these in our modern sanctuary, and I miss them.  Awesome pieces of art!


A lighted cross in the sanctuary. We don’t have one of these at our church, either.

IHS: In His Service.  Reminds us of our mission.  How appropriate for a wedding, where we are called to serve that other faithfully.  It changes us, this service we freely give, which is what I think Jesus had in mind when he created the church.

Transformation is the name of the game, both in our faith and in our families.   

A tapestry that caught my eye.


The Scripture: 1 Corinthians 13, the love chapter, of course.


Drew and Joe gave their mom away…


I didn’t take many pictures during the ceremony, so not much to share on that account.  Having no flash bar and being so far away from the couple, they would not have turned out well, anyway, so on to the reception.

The tables, showed off the theme: Blue Jeans and Board Games.


The center pieces were fashioned out of Coke glasses and had game pieces inside along with the flowers.  Fuzzy dice filled with candy and pockets from blue jeans graced each place seating.

Cute! Creative! So like Sherry!


Wedding guests were invited to partake of reception cupcakes with gaming cards as toppers.


The wedding cake, don’t ya know, was sporting the King and Queen of hearts. Perfect!


Cake up the nose, anyone?

It didn’t happen, although this picture looks like it might have been on someone’s mind. 😉


As you can see, Sherry had to crank her neck back to reach Michael with his piece of cake. The man is a giant, re: T.A.L.L.

Disclaimer: No ears, eyes, hair, noses, or chins were injured during the filming of this reception.

I’m telling you, Sherry’s hubby is tall.


See what I mean?

I wanted to get a few shots outside, hoping the natural light would help capture a better picture.  I asked the couple to be kooky, so we did the old foot kick thing.  Sherry was bare foot, which only added to the fun.


And, of course, we had to capture a smooch.

Thank you, for inviting us to your wedding, Michael and Sherry.  We loved sharing this special time in your relationship with you, and we look forward to the many years of wedded bliss we know you guys are going to be enjoying with one another.

Michael: You fit!  Welcome to the family!! Next time you have the bike out, head our way.  When you’re in the neighborhood, bring your beautiful bride over to the house and we’ll rustle up some grub, and swing in the pavilion, and catch up.

We love you guys!!! 


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