I’m Baack!

I’m back from vacation. Wow, what a wonderful vacation it was!



Chasing after two wee ones for 10 days was a work-out for this gal, for sure, but a joyful one. Too bad I ate things I don’t normally eat while we were together. I probably could have lost weight during this time away from my regular routine had I not indulged in a few more sugary substances than I normally allow. But hey, vacations are for getting away, right?  I got away to the tune of five pounds, but three of those were water weight and were gone this morning when I stepped on the scale. Yay!

One thing that struck me while I was away from the office, away from the computer, away from my friends, and away from my routine and with the grands, was the fact that Wisdom was always with me.

I heard God’s voice speaking many times over the last two weeks. 

During my vacation I thought of His words; His suggestions, and how He lived His life on earth…the recovery He granted to those who sought after him.

I thought of You, Lord, when I exercised, when I ate, and definitely in those few moments when I was anxious.

I get that way sometimes.  Anxious.

But it’s all good, because when I am anxious, you’re always near by to calm me.

You encourage me!

You cause me to ponder the world.

You urge me to examine what I’m doing.

You hold me accountable.

You teach me new things.

You stay close by me.

You never stop investing in me.

One thing that tickled me while I was on vacation was how God reminded me of my three goals for the week and how much I want to stay true to them.  I need to keep in constant contact with Him in order to stay the course, I know that. Thanks for reminding me, Lord, while I was away from my normal routine.

I’m back and happy for it, but I have to say I do miss the sound of lil voices early in the morning, and the laughter of lil voices giggling down the hall. The vision of lil toes poking out from the swing as it flies by, I truly miss that.  I miss the boys!!!

I know they will come again, but I miss them now!

I started today with five minutes of exercise before doing anything else-a goal I am hoping to continue this week.  *A* helped me exercise several times while he was with us.  He’s such a good motivator and life coach.

I also packed my baked oatmeal for breakfast today, even though I really wanted to eat a bagel with egg and sausage–the lazy gal’s breakfast.

I committed early to letting my mind guide my progress today, and not my stomach.

I brought a piece of fruit with me to work before logging in here to report my progress and honestly share my weight gain.

I did all this because transformation means something to me. It means life, health, vitality, and the opportunity to model God’s love to others. That last one is very important to me, this Jesus knows.

Little by little I’m changing, and Wisdom is the reason why.  Thank you, Wise Lord, for vacations. And, thank you, for regular routines.

What changes have you made recently that have drawn you closer to God? How have those changes brought you renewed vision and joy?


4 thoughts on “I’m Baack!

  1. J Bird says:

    I am inspired to keep moving forward when I read your posts. Your words express the attitude of my own heart these days. I am blessed and learning to be content in whatever circumstance I find myself.
    I started working on my own set of goals last week and even in the struggles have been blessed to know God’s strength in my weakness.
    Casting my anxiety on Him really does bring peace.
    I have written (for better or worse)2 blogs this week, I am writing!
    And, I am planning and eating more sensibly working toward better eating habits in content, amounts and timing.
    Thanks Lori for being willing to share your thoughts and goals, successes and steps back.

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    • lorihoose says:

      I’m proud of you, Jean, for working on those goals. For even having those goals. I believe wholeheartedly that goal setting is the beginning of achievement. Be they big or small, important or seemingly insignificant, goals get us moving. I’m praying for you as you attack yours this week.

      Anxiety: ah, it is a part of every new experience and when you have the care of wee ones in your hands it comes with the territory. I never want them harmed on my watch–or ever, of course–but especially not when I was charged with making sure they are safe and out of harm’s way. It was a good week. Your week this week will be good too, I just know it. Keep looking up, my friend. That’s where the greatest rewards come from–God, our loving Papa and provider!


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