He Drops the Dew

…by his knowledge the watery depths were divided, and the clouds let drop the dew.  Proverbs  3:20

This morning my yard looked like this…


…bright, vibrant, and full of shadow.  Only the top of the hedgerow was round about with dew, while in the valley this is what we saw…


And this…


and this…


It’s amazing to me how much difference a thirty-minute drive can make in weather conditions.

The contrast between my yard on the hill and the valley below made me think about how one minute our lives seem all sunshine and shadow, and the next they are covered in mysterious fog.  The fact that we sometimes see clearly, and other times have our vision occluded, has not escaped me today.  It speaks to me of the need for a Guide; a loving Leader who can help me through the fog and clouds of life.  A Teacher, who can help me appreciate both the clarity and the mystery.  A Savior who holds my hand and enjoys our times together as much as I do, whether sun or dew fall across the path we walk together.

I’m sometimes amazed at the lessons God teaches me through nature.

What have you learned today of God’s goodness through His creation?  How have you been asked to trust Him in the dewy days of life?


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