Goals and Simplicity

My aim is to live a simple life, full of joy.

000simple living

Today, I want to share with you an update re: my teeny, tiny goals for this week, but before I do that I want to give a shout out to a fellow blogger who had some great things to say about simple living over the weekend.

Over at All About Healthy Choices I found an article that I thought expressed perfectly what that simple and joyful life can look like.  I hope you’ll give it a read this morning. Let me know what you think.

As for my goals, every day I am finding it easier to make teeny, tiny changes to my routines.

Remember: My take on habit is that it can either help or hinder in unconscious ways.  I need to be about the work of developing good habits, while at the same time quitting bad ones, if I want to change my life for the better.  I’m therefore working to develop routines that will help me do certain things without putting too much effort or thought into what I’m doing.

Why am I doing this? Two reasons:  I’m lazy, and I’m too much the critic. 

I am.

I’m lazy when it comes to planning and prepping, and I over think my process many times.  That means that organizing my thoughts and making my body do what my mind knows is beneficial often becomes extremely hard when I want it to be easy.

I crave easy.

I want that gentle path.

I desire a gradual slope.

I want effortless.

Life is not effortless.  Anyone who says differently is lying. But, good habits make daily living less strenuous, so that’s the direction I am headed as I work to live a more simple life.

I am convinced HABIT is the key to simplicity, but not just any habits; my habits need to be good habits, consistently applied.

Wish me luck as I continue on with my experiment.

Now for the update:  I have been focusing this week on making it a habit to eat what I need to eat, while allowing others to eat what they choose to eat.  I too often get distracted with what others are eating, paying less attention to what I need to eat to stay healthy, and more attention to what they are enjoying, although it may be the exact opposite of what I need. This leads me down wrong paths. I’m also focusing on staying positive in my thought patterns about the changes I need to make. A positive attitude makes good things happen quicker and easier.

The truth is, there are certain things my body can handle and others it cannot. I need to choose well and be consistent in those choices. 

So far this week’s teeny, tiny goals are helping me eat the right breakfast every day, exercise every day, and pay attention to what I am supposed to eat, every day.  Yay!

What habit do you have, that you wish you could change?  What teeny, tiny thing are you willing to do today to create a better life tomorrow?

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