Fun at the Lake


Recently, the boys came for an extended visit. We went to Ithaca, NY to feed the ducks.  Not surprisingly, the lake was muddy, since it had rained a lot this summer in upstate NY.  But wow, it was really muddy the day we were there.  Didn’t stop a couple guys from having water fun with their sails.  We watched, fascinated that they would choose to dip their bodies (read: heads and mouths), in that surf.  Yuck!


Here is a shot of A, daring to go where his big brother has been before–to the wiggly bridge.  The surf was strong this day, and the end of the dock was bobbing up and down, up and down, up and….  Well, you get the picture.  Literally.


This is a shot of J on the end of that dock.  He’s laughing at me because I’m nervous.  Notice how daring he appears to be.  Uncle is holding tight to that rail, but as you can see, there are white caps everywhere on the water surface.  In actuality, they were about six feet from the end of the dock here, but J was proud of himself for daring to go so far. I wonder what the look was on my face at this point. I am hyper over-protective with these guys when they are in my care.

Guys, they always want to push the envelope a little further.


A better shot of the guys sailing.  He had on a wet suit, but still. Yuck!  The lake looked like a huge can of Yoohoo Chocolate drink. I can’t imagine it tasted much better, either.  Double yuck!


We fed the ducks and walked around.  The park was mushy underfoot. Water soaked. Even the playground was inhabitable in some places.  There was a kid there, about 13 or 14 who was sitting in one of the mud puddles, throwing mud up over his body. Grossed me out, but he was having a splendid time. None of that for the grands.  We were staying dry and clean, thank you, very much.


We walked. J mocked. A wanted to throw stuff in the water. I captured it all on film.


This poor guy had a broken wing. Don’t know how he will fare this winter.  Another of the geese had lost the bottom half of his leg. Bob wanted to take him home with us. They were all very friendly, and J took about a million pictures of them before we left.  We had a bag of bread with us, which they greedily ate. We shared a piece with a lil girl.  It was fun.


See what I mean by muddy?!  These are adolescent geese, I guess. They still have fuzz on their heads, but were a bit shy compared to their adult counterparts.  We did see a few ducks, but not many. I guess the geese rule here, and try to keep the riff raff out.


Lots of droppings everywhere, of course.


Here was one piece of outdoor equipment dry enough to use.  They boys quickly made a friend.  It was a beautiful day, except for the standing water. Windy though.


Carousels are always fun.  J is pulling on that snaggle tooth that just wouldn’t come out.  It did, on the day his parents returned home. Guess the Tooth Fairy didn’t want them to miss out on the fun.


A riding his painted pony.  🙂


I kid you not about the wind!

We had fun, fun, fun at the lake. Can’t wait to go again!

Have you checked out the lakes around your hometown this summer?  What fun things did you do while there?


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