Picture Day

000boys in thot

Today is “picture day” on the blog.  Not that there is a designated day for uploading pictures here, mind you, but you get my meaning.

These are my grands.  I love these guys!

This picture is deceiving. It gives the impression that these cherubs stop motion long enough to get a good shot of them together.  They don’t.  They are never quiet long enough for me to take a good portrait of them.  In fact, last time they were at our house I lamented to hubs that I get lots of shots of the backs of them, but not many of their cute faces because they move too quickly for my camera shutter speed.  That’s fast!

These are boys perpetually in motion.

What do your kiddos/kidlets/grands like to do in the summer?  Do they ever stop to just ponder the world?

Like arrows in the hand of a warrior, So are the children of one’s youth. How blessed is the man [woman] whose quiver is full of them… Psalm 127:4-5  addition mine. ljh

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