Rhubarb Me!

I’ve written here before that I don’t like Rhubarb Pie. I may have to change that stance after sampling last night’s rhubarb dream.  I intended to take a picture of the pie before I cut into it, but that didn’t happen.  I’m forgetful, I don’t know what you want me to say.

Here is a shot of the pie after half of it was eaten.


I had a thin slice of the pie to taste, the rest my Megee shared with her hubs. She may have eaten more than one piece herself, but if she did, I’m not telling.

It looks like a yin yang symbol here:


Well, make that a smear of a yin yang symbol.

The filling was creamy, which surprised me. I thought it would be more of a custard.  Matt said it looked savory, instead of sweet. It was not.


See what I mean.  Creamy!  Delicious!!

YUM!  I mean real YUM! I mean unequivocal, unblemished, unbelievable YUMMMMMM!!!!! That pie was good.

I felt like I didn’t do the pie justice photographing it in the pie pan.  I wanted a better shot, so cut a piece and put it on a plate next morning.


It kinda looks like quiche or pizza here, so mission definitely NOT accomplished.

This one looks a lil better, but still it looks like quiche with ham in it.  FAIL.


All I know is that Megan gave it a thumb’s up and said it was pie worthy, so I was happy.  She also made some sort of moaning sound while she ate. I took that to be a good sign.  😉

I will be making another pie with rhubarb for my bro next week.  Stay tuned for reviews when I again respond to the words: Rhubarb Me!

Do you like Rhubarb? What do you make with it?

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