“Something there is that doesn’t love a wall. That wants it down.”

I love the words from this poem by Robert Frost. They conjure images to my mind. Images of walls torn down, peoples united, and relationships mended.

000mending wall

What is it that keeps a wall in place?  What physically separates us?
Sound engineering.
Quality materials.
Rightly aligned foundations.
Good ground that isn’t prone to shifting.

We spend our lives putting effort into building walls that will last.
But what of those walls that need to come down?

What of those walls that have been improperly built?

Or worse yet, rightly built, but later regretted.

Emotional walls…Spiritual walls…Relational walls.
What do we with these?


It takes effort, determination, and consistency to bring down walls built by fear, isolation, or hate.

Walls protect and walls repel.

What walls do you see before you today?  What steps are you taking to break them down?

2 thoughts on “Walls

    • lorihoose says:

      He is. Once the summer is over and fall dawns, he will begin again. I think we will order a load of rocks. I gotta check into that today. Did you read the poem? One of my favorites, me being a dairy princess and all. LOL


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