ThreeGoals-AlternativeIt’s Thursday again, and time to report on my three goals from last week.

I did well with goal number 1:  Eating oatmeal every day and exercising for five minutes first thing in the morning.

I ate oatmeal five out of seven days this week; having eaten a bagel one day when I was lazy, and having chosen to fast one day, when I wasn’t hungry.  I’m learning to hear what my body is saying about hunger and that feels good.

My other goals (2 and 3) were to contact doc for appt and get a script for a blood draw.  Doc sent my script, but I have not yet gotten the blood draw. He advised making appointment after the draw was done, so that is still pending.


At this point, I am beginning to feel like the exercise thing in the morning is really taking hold as a developed habit.  When I wake up, I sometimes say to myself, “Self, its time to do those exercises, like it or not.”  Other times I say, “Self, let’s start solid today.  Exercise for five minutes. You can do this! You’re gonna feel so much better when you’re done!”  It all depends on the day, or rather the lack of sleep the night before and how my body feels that morning, whether or not I am excited or reluctant to do those exercises, but I have done them every day, save one, since I started including them on my goal list.

Woohoo, a goal list helps!

Teeny, tiny is the way to go with these goals, so right now I will stay at five minutes for my morning exercises.  My goal is to ultimately get to thirty minutes each morning. I’m working toward ten minutes in the morning in the near future, but for now I am more concerned that the goals be teeny and achievable, than that I do that ten minutes.

What are my goals this week?

  1.  I will eat right and exercise this week, following the food plan and exercise routine I have talked about previously. Nothing new here, move on…

2.  I will spend five to ten minutes each morning reading something uplifting and thinking about how much power God has, and how often I forget that.  This week I will be leaning in to Him with more conscious awareness of His power and how it can energize my faith, my service, and my passions.

3.  At some point during each day I will ask my mate:  “What are you concerned about?”  After asking the question, I will listen and offer no advice or feedback other than a hug or a word of encouragement about how much I trust God to direct him to the places He wants him to be in life.  This goal will be about “connecting” with my partner in life, and not directing his life–big difference.

Well, there you have them–my three teeny, tiny goals for this week.  I know God is going to do some amazing things through this list. I will be printing these out and posting them in the bathroom, where I can see them all week long.

If you read this list this week, and you know me, hold me to what I’ve written here, okay?  It’s fine to check in once or twice this week with me to see how it’s going. Actually, I would love the support your checking in would provide.  Any prayers you might want to say on my behalf are also appreciated.

What are your three teeny, tiny goals this week?  Will you print them out and be accountable to someone for achieving them? 


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  1. J Bird says:

    You are doing amazing! Keep it up my friend. Praying for your continued success, You Rock!!

    Haven’t even written mine out yet, Hope to start a whole new schedule once school starts and we don’t have the kids during the day. That’s my excuse this week.

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    • lorihoose says:

      I know that watching the kiddos is time sensitive and energy intensive. Enjoy these final summer days with them, my friend. They pass too quickly and are gone forever. You will get back to your goals soon, I believe it. When you do, remember to make them teeny, tiny and easily achievable. The overall goal is to set small goals that will reap a big harvest for eternity. Keep lookin’ up, keep pressing in, and keep huggin’ on those wee ones–they are the future and your present treasure. Praying for you too, and cherishing your prayers for me today.

      Side note: My reading time this morning was incredible. Hebrews 10, all about God’s power and promises. He is strong in our weakness. Check it out today, after the wee ones are gone. You won’t be sorry, I promise!


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