Hebrews 10

000HebrewsToday I begin my week long goal of reading inspirational stuff while concentrating on God’s power as I read.  I began my goal with Hebrews 10 this morning. What a read!  Wonderfully inspiring!!

Some insights from Paul’s letter:

The old plan, that plan that hinged on humanities ability to follow directions and do the next right thing–yeah–it wasn’t enough. Man doesn’t follow directions very well, and so another plan was needed.  It was empowering to realize that God considered that old plan a “shadow” of the new.  Think for a minute on that concept.  How can a shadow fall before its principle has appeared?  Only God knows these things, but I think they speak to His power over His creation.

It was wise to carve this second plan on the hearts of men, instead of stone tablets.  Putting stone tablets in the hands of a few men is not nearly so effective as putting them on the hearts of all men. Besides, if you entrust the men of this age to impart the mind of God, options are pretty limited for who could be entrusted with such glory.  Confusion and diversity seem to trump holiness and surrender these days, but not for all.  Some still seek God in the midst of this foggy environment.  It’s good that they have the Truth in their hearts, and don’t have to depend on others to supply it. That way, no matter where we are, we have a direct pipeline to Truth as soon as we seek to know it.

Regular and practiced sacrifice is good, but a cleansing for all time is better–the best!

Worship with our fellows is important; more important than ease, entertainment, or ego.

If we turn out backs on the grace Christ brought us, we leave ourselves in a tough spot. We cannot, never could, never will be able to save ourselves.  We are flawed by our disobedience, leaving us with only one path to purity–Jesus!

Its no light matter to turn our backs on the most powerful Creator. Not smart! 

Real treasure doesn’t exist in the accumulation of things.  In fact, having too much is slavery and poverty of the greatest degree.  All we really need is the Lord, and if we seek Him first, all other needs will come to us by His hand and in His time.

Cutting and running, not an option for the redeemed.  He expects us to stand and deliver! We serve the God of the Harvest–He’s always looking for the return on investment. Maybe that’s why we are also always looking for that return and when we don’t see it, we become angry, like Him.  Difference: we are puny. He is strong.

Quitters never win, but winners never quit!!  We are winners as we remain faithful.

How strong is your God? How safe?  How capable?  How holy?

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