Every morning as we slip out of bed and slide our feet into our warm, fluffy slippers, we have a choice: Will we face the circumstances and people in our lives with grumbling and negativity, or will we face them with gratitude? –Whispers of Joy devotional

Encourage one another… 1 Thess 5:11

In most difficult situations things are made worse when we grumble. Negativity solves nothing, but it can make people hesitant to approach us, or look for counsel from us, or share a need with us.

Today, let’s quiet the nay-saying that wants to have voice from within, and let’s be an instrument of God’s peace to the people around us. Life is hard enough without constant reminders that it is hard. Besides, we serve the God of possibilities and wonder, the God of strength and purpose, and the God of love and peace. Let’s be mirror images of His Character today, as we lean on Him to give us what we need to do this important job in His church.

Encourage one another!!!


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