A Day Late

ThreeGoals-AlternativeThree Goals, just three lil goals, but they are making such a bit difference in my life.

How can that be?

I suspect it is because with these goals comes focused attention to details, a desire to achieve, and a direction to head in; proof that hard work, when repeated daily, produces results.

Woohoo!  That’s what I’m talkin’ about!

So, what will my three goals be this week?  I’ll get to those, but first let me report on the fulfillment of my goal mission for this week.

My goals were these:

  1. …eat right and exercise.

2.  …spend five to ten minutes each morning reading something uplifting and thinking about how much power God has, and how often I forget that.

3.  …ask my mate:  “What are you concerned about?”  After asking the question, I will listen and offer no advice or feedback other than a hug or a word of encouragement about how much I trust God to direct him to the places He wants him to be in life.  This goal will be about “connecting” with my partner in life, and not directing his life–big difference.

I did pretty well achieving my goals this week.  Funny and true story, goal no. 3, while being my goal, was also a goal/technique a friend of mine used to communicate with her hubby this week.  We had both heard Chip Ingram share the same message, except she heard it all, I only heard a snippet. My snippet included that third goal as a strategy for connecting with your mate and finding out what is really going on with him or her.  It worked wonderfully in my instance, and from what I heard from my friend it worked for her, too.


One of the goals I had for last week I did not do so well at, though. Can you guess which one?

It was No. 2.  With all the oatmeal eating and exercise-doing first thing in the morning, I did not get much early a.m. reading done. I did, however, try to focus my mind on the power of God each day.

He is powerful, so powerful!

This week I am going to switch things up a lil bit.

My teeny, tiny goals for this week will revolve around my love:

1. Each day I will ask my spouse what is concerning him. This worked so great last week that I want to do it again this week.  Time alone, working on one-on-one conversation is important in any relationship.  We need to hear each other better. 

2. Each day this week I will ask my husband what he thinks is a priority in our lives together, right now. I will remain excited to hear his thoughts on the matter.

3. Each day this week I will create for my mate a love note. I may leave it in plain view, or hide it from others sight. I will allow myself to get creative with this goal.  This is gonna be fun! 

A good marriage is a miracle, is it not?

What will you do to “connect” with your significant other this week?  What fun things might you do to say, “I love you!” without saying a word?


2 thoughts on “A Day Late

  1. J Bird says:

    Thank you for the reminder and challenge to continue to let my husband know that, after God, he is my first priority by showing him respect, encouraging him, and supporting him physically and emotionally. Letting him know he matters!

    Liked by 1 person

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