Three Goals Thursday

If you’ve been reading my blog for the last month or so, you know I’m on a campaign to kick-start my life by developing a few good habits. 

I’m a big fan of habit because I’ve seen with my own eyes the power It possesses.  Think of those folks who are in bondage to bad habits: smokers, drug and alcohol addicts, and compulsive over eaters.  What about those cheaters involved in the Ashley Madison scandal?  If they are not in bondage to bad habits, I don’t know who is.

Now flip the coin and look at the under side of habit.  Think about that ad campaign Staples launched a few years ago with the EASY BUTTON.


We saw it over and over again; Someone would hit the button and a pre-recorded message from inside would say: That was easy!

I want easy!

I want action, accomplishment, and implementation that doesn’t require so much work!

I want habit!

Does that make any sense to anyone but me?

I’ve been on a habit quest and goal-setting has been my means of gettin’ ‘er done. This past week, my goals were these:  eat right and exercise every day, read something uplifting and think about how powerful God is, and finally, to daily ask my mate:  “What are you concerned about?”

Here’s how it went with my goals:

I paid special attention to my eating and exercise this week. Yay! They went well.  I have not lost any significant weight in about six months, but I keep at it. Health is my goal, and not a skinny body, if that were even possible for me.

I read more inspirational material, but I feel like I failed at this goal.  I’m not sure why.  It may be that I wasn’t targeted enough in what I was aiming to do, or that my goal was too broad in scope.  Either way, I’m not seeing any new habit formation with this goal, so I think I will replace it with another this week.

My final report is on the time I have spent with my hubs, asking him about his concerns each day. What a blessing!  The knowledge I’ve gained about what concerns Bob has been a powerful motivator to pray for him more often and more specifically, and here’s the gem–I pray about what concerns HIM, not what I am concerned about regarding him.  BIG difference!

My Bob is a lover of family, people, animals, and motorcycles. All these concern him, and it has been a complete blessing to hear him talk about his impressions about each one of them and what he feels is a challenge with each one, each day.

His clutch cable on his bike broke the other night, so it was taken to the garage.  The repairs concerned him, and rightly so.  He does some of his best visitin’ on that bike.  That being the case, the repairs became important to me, too.  He got the bike back yesterday, so that concern was addressed and dealt with in a timely fashion. Thank you, God, for a quick and inexpensive repair.

Bob loves to ride!!!

Important note about my goals:  I am learning a lot about myself by posting goals, working to achieve them, and finding frustrations or fruitful pursuits in the outcomes, so it’s all good!

Today is Thursday, and I’m ready to set some new goals for the next seven days of living.  This week, I will focus on making sure my goals are teeny, tiny, and easily achievable, which is the secret to building winning scenarios in all areas of life.

My 3 teeny, tiny goals for this week will be:

  1. Eat right and do my exercises first thing in the morning.  I borrowed a Thai Chi DVD from the library and will work on that this week.
  1. Ask my hubs every day, “What concerns you today?” then allow him time to speak of his concerns without interruption.  This goal is reaping such rewards that I cannot let go of it until a habit is firmly established.
  1. Identify and log one example of God’s power at work in my life or vicinity each day.  This should be teeny, tiny and focused enough to be doable.  My point with this goal is to have a more conscious awareness every day of God’s power and my ability to draw on it for daily strength in my walk with Him.  I’m excited to see how this goal develops over the week and will let ya know how it goes.

My declaration for today:  I will live the rest of 2015 purposefully, and I will do so by setting teeny, tiny goals for myself and working to achieve them each week. God being my helper, I will!

What goals are you setting for yourself these days?  When has achieving a goal you set for yourself helped you feel empowered?


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