On being honest and maybe a lil bit impulsive… just a lil

I listened to Chip Ingram speak today on waiting on God. Oh, it was good!

Chip said that the first step to finding out God’s will for any decision you make it getting yourself to the place where you are willing to let go of your agenda and let Him have his way.  My words, not his, but that was the gist.

Tough, so tough!

Especially tough for people who want their own way, and let’s face it, who among us doesn’t.  But what happens when we push and shove to get our way?  God’s voice gets silenced in the process.  He won’t compete with the world’s noise.  No, He waits for us to get really quiet, really settled, really determined to know his choice before He speaks.

Of course, it doesn’t always happen this way, but for me, it mostly only happens this way. 

It’s not until I am ready to go either way about a particular action that God reveals which way He wants me to go–well, at least that is what happens when I stop, pray, and earnestly ask for guidance or an answer.

Some answers are time sensitive.

Some answers won’t come, they are more about trust.

Some answers look an awfully lot like the opposite of what I asked for.

Some answers come easy, but many come hard.

So why does a mighty God wait to tell us his opinion on things?  I think it’s because until we ask with a sincere heart, we don’t really want to know.

Sometimes He waits until we REALLY wanna know!

Yesterday I made a decision, and I waited on it for a while before I posed a question to an other.  I didn’t want to seem out of step with my position, or intrusive, but I felt I needed to say something and tried to say it the least offensive way possible. I probably should have prayed about it more, and slept on it overnight, but I didn’t.  Now, I have speakers remorse to deal with. Ugh!

When have you waited for an answer that was not immediately delivered?  When have you acted without prayer, or prayed without action?


2 thoughts on “On being honest and maybe a lil bit impulsive… just a lil

  1. J Bird says:

    I recently, very recently, have been really striving to make right decision by praying about my own decisions and in the area of honoring requests from others.
    I have always had a problem with saying no, especially to my children (as adults, no problem when they lived at home:-)). And when I did have to say no I went away feeling guilty and hoping no one was upset with me. I have cancelled plans more than once to accommodate others requests, not because they expected me to or wanted me to but just because I didn’t want to disappoint, I wanted to “help”, I wanted to be “liked”. So my yes is as much for me as for others.
    I am getting better about praying and thinking through decisions and just three days ago when I was praying about something I had been asked to do, God brought me to a pretty rude awakening! Not earth shaking wisdom, just a simple fact but the reality of it shook me to the core. He asked me: “If you say yes to this request will you have to say no to mine?” And as I thought it through God had already set my agenda for that day and my yes to the request would have been a no to Him.
    I know there are requests that are emergent and sometimes our schedules are interrupted but, God being my strength, I will pray before saying yes and ask myself: “If I say yes to this request (my own or someone else’s) will I be saying no to what I know to be God’s will for me?”
    Love these posts because they stimulate me to think !!

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    • lorihoose says:

      Thank you for the kind words, Jean. They mean so much!!!

      I love that you shared your recent epiphany with my readers. The question you heard within is a good one for any one hoping to please God. Chip’s message was like a piece of yummy cake to my soul, and your addition, the icing on top. Thank you!

      This week I will be asking myself, “If I say yes to this, does it mean I have said no to God?” A great and thought-provoking inquiry, indeed!

      Love you, my friend!


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