Turning 7

Rob & Jessup Hoose

Rob & Jessup Hoose

Look at that cutie face. No, the lil guy, not his papa.  That’s newborn baby Jessup, meeting the world for the first time.  Only hours before he was tucked in his comfy previous residence in the womb.  His daddy was pretty proud of him that day, and we were instantly in love!  His momma presented us with one of the greatest gift that day.  Our lives have never been the same!

Thank you, Megan Hoose!

Today, Mr. RJHH turns seven.  How can it be?  SEVEN!!!  It seems like we have known him a life time, and at the same time, not nearly long enough.

Jessup with Gramma Trout

Jessup with Gramma Trout

This boy is the gift I had been waiting for since I was fifteen. I always wanted, above anything else, to be a gramma.Family Photo

Family Photo

We’ve all changed since that lil package of joy came into our lives.  Some of us are smaller, some bigger, all older, and all filled with wonder as we’ve watched that lil babe develop into an infant, a toddler, a pre-schooler, a kindergarten-er and now a first grade Lego assembling, art producing, giggle factor of heavenly blessings.

Jessup's First Christmas

Jessup’s First Christmas

How cute is he?  No, not the bald one on the left; the bald one in the center.  When my hair was red, there you were, J.  I love you!

Some of the best of the best of J’s life are shown below.  Well, those pics I have of moments passed, anyway:

Third Generation Elvis Lover

Third Generation Elvis Lover

A Barden Photography family photo:

family photo in our front yard

A reader then, and a reader now. He actually reads his own books, by himself.

My uncle draws this stuff

My uncle draws this stuff

An early favorite with the wheelbarrow crowd.

Pennsylvania Rickshaw

Adorable in orange.

Gibber Jabberer

Gibber Jabberer

A face painted cutie.

000baby fox jessup

Having fun at the lake…


Fun at the pond…

000boys in thot

Fun with his uncle…


Fun with a crooked hat and a loose tooth.


SEVEN!!!  It’s hard to believe.

We love you Dear Heart, today, tomorrow, and forever!

Happy Birthday, J!!



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