ThreeGoals-AlternativeIt’s Thursday again, and time to update the blog regarding progress made on my teeny, tiny habit-building efforts this week.

Here’s goes.

My goals this week were to complete a 7N7 challenge (seven minutes of exercise in the morning, for seven days); to have devotions with my hubs 3 x and pray with him after each reading; to ask my mate each night what is concerning him.

How’d I do?

No. 1 GREAT!!!  This morning exercise thing is really beginning to feel like a habit to me. I will keep doing this, and praise God that my slacks feel looser every day.  Yay!

No. 2 Good!  I did not reach my goal to have devotions with my hubs three times this week, but I did do it two times.  Each time was a good experience.  Each time I read from a lil book I have called, Courage to Change.  We prayed for challenges coming up for us in the next week and for friends that are under the gun with family harassing them.  It felt good to be on the same page with my hubby and in prayer together.  I will definitely be setting this goal for myself again this week.

No. 3 Poor.  I did not ask Bobbo about what concerned him this week, specifically. Although he offered concerns during our devotional and prayer time.  We talked about challenges we are facing as a couple/family, and about friends.  I guess you could say I met this goal by meeting goal No. 2, but since I didn’t do this each day of the week, I will rank this goal as undone.

My general impressions about my goal setting and accomplishments this week:

I’m feeling really good about the exercise I’m getting each week as I’m challenging myself to these teeny, tiny, totally winnable goals and habit-building sessions.  I’m feeling good about portion sizing, too. I’m feeling good about veggie eating. I’m feeling good about goal setting in general.

What I have been thinking about my goals this week, and my attempts to change my lifestyle by building new habits:

It occurs to me that if someone wants to change their lifestyle, it might not be all that easy to do. Lifestyles are developed through the application of basic processing skills, right?

Where the brain goes, the body follows!

In thinking about what it takes to change (simple steps, but not necessarily easy ones), I am realizing that changing how I think is difficult. Is it doable?  Who knows.

Changing how I process ideas, attitudes, challenges; how hard is that?  The fact that everything in life  is constantly changing, slipping away like sand on the beach, adds another dynamic of hard to my goal setting challenge.  I’m beginning to see that real change, true change, dynamic change doesn’t happen overnight.  It takes time, and practice, and determination; and faith, and practice, and goals and God!

I will get this, it just might take some time!

My three teeny, tiny, doable, and habit-building goals for this week are:

1. I will do an 8N7 challenge this week. Kicking my early morning exercise session up to 8 minutes, seven days a week.

2. I will have devotions with my hubs 3 times this week.

3. I will ask my husband through the week what is concerning him, and I will pray with him about those concerns.

I think these goals are doable, but that last one might be a challenge, due to time restrictions (at least Sunday through Wednesday of this week). I’m headed out to Lake George, Lake Placid, Saranac Lake, and parts north this weekend with mom and sis.  We all have plans in place for eating light while we are away, so that will help, and we may be doing devotions together while we are away.

I’m thinking of starting a 30N30 bible reading challenge with my sis, beginning tomorrow.

While on vacation, I will be focusing on connecting with family, taking some great pics, laughing a lot, and living life large, as best I can.  I’m praying we don’t get drenched the whole time we are gone, or run into flash flooding situations.  I’m also trusting God for a great vacation get-away with my ladies.

Trusting Me to stay the course and eat clean, talk to God, and exercise every day this week.

If you have some thoughts about lifestyle change, please chime in with a comment.  I’m eager to hear your thoughts, especially if you have read a book that aided you in your own efforts to change things up in your life.

What goals do you have for yourself this week? Why is goal setting something you like, or don’t like to do?



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