Dear Sir:


I feel I must respond to your recent press conference, which is why I am sending this open letter today.

Please understand, the “routine” that you have been going through these last few years is…

1. Not about you.

2. Directly related to the mental health crisis currently underway in this country.

3. Due to the fact that American citizens can move freely from one place to another in this land, unlike the limited freedoms experienced by other nations.


No, we do not think our decisions should hinge on assuaging your frustrations.

No, we do not want to be more limited in our movements or our freedoms.

No, we do not need the media to decide how free we ought to be.

Yes, we do want more services for suffering and mentally ill individuals.

In addition to these, I think there should be more dollars spent on the “See Something, Say Something” campaigns that already exist. It’s time we started thinking once again about the needs of others, instead of wallowing in self-importance!

Please understand, these incidents are not due to a gun problem; but rather, an absence-of-God problem.

Also, an unemployment problem.

A wandering aimlessly, problem.

And a processing without morals, problem.

This problem with mass violence is a growing problem, one that will not go away because of new gun legislation.

Less guns will not make people saner. Pressure cooker bombs can easily substitute for automatic weapons, I think we’ve seen that is true.

What I’d like to know is when we might expect America to quit giving our tax dollars to foreign interests and start using some of that money for more mental health services?

Respectfully, L


2 thoughts on “Dear Sir:

  1. J Bird says:

    Yes! And again I say YES!!
    Couldn’t have been said better. I wonder how much worse it has to get nefore heads come out of tje sand of liberal political correctness and we return to the better way of compassion and love and “One Nation Under God”, The same God who blessed us and made us a great nation.

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