ComiCon Weekend


Last weekend we hosted an extended over nighter with the boys of our heart, our grand sons.  While daddy and Unca Bunny went to the ComiCon in NYC, we toured around Bradford County, taking in the sights and having loads of fun.

Thursday Night: The boys arrived sooner than we thought they might, and to an empty house. Ooops!  We were on our way to the hill, but they beat us there.  How nice it was to walk in to hugs and smiles, and two lil guys who always make our hearts beat quicker.  Daddy and Unca B left soon after their arrival, and so the fun began!

Friday:  J woke up early and wanted to play with his mommy’s kindle.  Oh, thank you, Megan, for sending that unit along!!!  Our oldest grand has recently become acquainted with Mine Craft and loves playing the game.  That first morning, he did so while I lazed around in bed with the door open.  He was content, and so was I, while the younger of the two blessings slept peacefully until somewhere around 9:00am.

After getting up and around, we headed off to the pumpkin farm with the boys, for some pumpkin purchasin’, with carving to follow.  We wanted to take the boys to the Iron Kettle, but it was raining enough that going there seemed like a bad idea. They have lots of ourdoorsy things to do at IK, and we did not want two wet lil boys to deal with, so we changed the plan and went to The Cider Mill in Endicott, NY instead.  Before we went to Endicott, though, we stopped at the Blue Dolphin, in Apalachin, one of Bob’s favorite restaurants, and had lunch there.  The BD does great greek food, so I had a Gyro, but beings it was Friday, Bob went for the fish fry. The boys had a fruit cup that J liked, but A did not, and a couple hot dogs that A ate, but J did not.  I think we still have those in the fridge at home. Prolly time to throw them babies away.

While waiting to be seated at the Blue Dolphin, we perused the dessert options.  Oh, man. If you are ever at the BD, get some dessert. They make the best in town. J wanted cheesecake, so that’s what we got. We all shared it, and had plenty left over. The slices are soooooo BIG!  It was smooth, yummy, cheesy goodness we nibbled on for the next two days, and finished up the left overs last night.  Yum!

Next up:  The Cider Mill.  We watched them make cider (A loved that!!!), and we bought fresh made donuts that the boys mowed down the morning after. Their donuts are to die for, so if you ever get to TCM, don’t scrimp–splurge on the donuts and cider.  The freshest cider you’ve ever drank.

DSC_0405Above, you will see the pumpkins we bought at The Cider Mill, as they appeared after carving.  The boys did a great job again this year with their original designs.  J’s is the traditional orange, while A went with the fashionable white pumpkin.  The insides of the white fruit were really halloweeny–all mushy and green, like monster snot.  We turned out the lights and enjoyed the carvings with the boys, making sure to light things up on a fire-proof surface. They loved their creations!


Spooky, hunh?

Saturday:  We went to the Apple Butter event at Mt. Pisgah State Park.  What fun!


The boys loved their horsy ride, with Captain (right) and Fiddle Sticks pulling the hay wagon.  We rode twice, but missed out on hot dogs and cider.  Well, that’s not entirely true. J got some cider–just a few sips–but “forgot” to share his with his brother. Poor Beaner, had none.  Regrettably, the folks at the prak were expecting around 700 people for this event, but because it was so beautiful and so warm out that day, over 1500 people showed up. Oops! Too many people is a good “problem” to have, but ended up with them running out of almost everything before the event was over.  We still had a good time, and we had hot dogs at home, so no biggie.


We bought the two pumpkins shown above in Troy, after the park event was done. We had to get lunch (pizza and ice cream sandwiches at McDs–they probably loved us for that), and found Tops Market in Troy had pumpkins, big ones, on sale for $7.99; buy one get one FREE! Score!!!


Sunday:  After church on Sunday, we came home to find Daddy and Unca Bunny at the house. The boys were wayyyy excited to have them home. These guys love the male role models in their lives. Unca Bunny and Daddy, most of all. I will say that at bed time Lumpa becomes much more popular. He loves the snuggles he gets going to bed with them at night, cuz yeah, an early bed time is fine with him.

One of my favorite pics of A from this weekend:


What a ham!

And one of J’s many, many professional poses for me when I had the camera in my hands:


What’s not to like about that cutie pie?


We had a great time hosting the munchkins for the weekend during ComiCon this year.  Can’t wait ’til they visit NEPA again!

Funny Side Note:  While the boys were in our neck of the woods we went to see their Aunt Linda’s new digs.  She made the mistake (or not), of telling them that the back bedroom belonged to them. They now are convinced that they own the corner lots of her home.  Real Estate moguls at 4 and 7 yrs old? That’s our boys!!!!

What fun things did you do this past weekend?  Who are your favorite visitors, and why?


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