Manhood Monday-Matt

Today, I’m posting a Celebrate Manhood Monday, but with my focus on one man who just happens to have a birthday today.

Here’s a picture of Matt checking out the photos at the Troy Fair a couple years ago.

The photo of my favorites

The photo exhibit…one of my favorites

That was me saying it was one of my favorites. I think Matt likes the photo exhibit, too, but the frozen cheesecake vendor might be more in the category of Fair Favs for him.

Here is Matt on the back steps with three of his favorite men; one full grown, the others tads, still.


Here is one of Matt in a family photo taken by Danielle last spring? Is that right?

Family Photo spring 2014

Here is one of Matt donning power tools for the big bathroom re-make.  No wood chips in the eye for this guy!


Funny, hunh?  Matt is funny, and fun, and loving, and generous, and one-of-a-kind, and I’m happy to celebrate him today!

Happy Birthday, Matt!!!! 

Hope the day is as special as You!

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