Three Goals Thursday

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Change: its a beautiful thing, but for this gal it never comes easy.  Never!

Maybe change doesn’t come easy for anyone.  One thing I know: change is unavoidable.  We don’t control it, we can’t command it, and we can’t prevent it, but we can influence it.  How?


Goals are guidelines.

Goals are mile markers.

Goals are signal that show the way to self love.

If you have eyes to see, goals can become God’s power bending down to you to make it possible for you to be tomorrow what you could not be yesterday.

My Three Teeny Tiny Goals this week are:

1. 11 minutes of exercise each morning.

2. Oatmeal for breakfast each morning.

3. 7 minutes of meditation each morning.

Additional observations related to my goals:

I can do 3 lil things each week that cumulatively have the power to change who I am, how I relate to my world, and what I will be in the future.  These goals I have are only 3 in number. This I can do!

Although I have not seen any markedly distinct change in my weight while on this goal setting quest, I have seen an increase in my sense of empowerment, my appreciation for integrity, my ability to stay the course, and my ability to focus my efforts on something important to me. I am also more clearheaded, partly because I know where I am going in life, at least in 3 lil directions.

While I have not lost weight while focusing on goal setting, my pants do fit better, my posture is much improved, I have more strength in my legs than I have had in a long time, and I my muscles feel firmer than they have been in a long time.  Woohoo!!!

Also, eating oatmeal every day has made my bathroom habits better.  Nuff said ’bout that, but if this is something you struggle with (pun intended), you might want to check out the daily oatmeal eating habit I espouse.

On Meditation:

Funny story. Last week I decided that I needed to include 5 minutes of meditation on my goal list (almost wrote medication there, hmmm what is that telling me)? For the two weeks preceding last week I had not been able to complete one of my teeny tiny goals; No. 3 on the list, that of food planning and/or counting calories. That failure was a red flag for me.

Here’s the thing:  My goals each week are super teeny, tiny, and purposely so, meant to create winning scenarios in my mind that will eventually develop into a sense of empowerment and a lifestyle that includes good habit formation leading to unconscious success on my part.  What was my problem, then? I wanted to succeed, but couldn’t.  Why couldn’t I get that third goal done?  I finally decided that my problem was that I was resisting any change that involved playing around with my food.

Resisting dietary change is a problem for someone who wants to lose another fifty pounds!

Upon reflection, I decided that maybe I was going about this weight loss thing the wrong way, and maybe God had a few things He needed to relay to me, and maybe I needed to eek out some time to spend with Him in order to hear them.

Note: I approached my first few days of meditation still earnestly desiring to direct God’s conversations with me.  Old habits (bad habits), die hard.

Me speaking to God in my “meditation” times:  Lord, if you could speak on this issue in my life today, that would be great?  No?  Okay, well then maybe this? No? Well, okay, then this!?  No???!!! Silence!

Seriously, this is how it went for three days!!!  Very hard on this gal who loves to direct all of her life (and maybe a bit of the lives of others). I should have been a producer, or at least a production assistant. I love to tell people where to stand, apparently.

So, trying to make this story short. On Thursday I set a third goal to meditate for 5 minutes each day for a week. On Friday and Saturday I experienced frustration, as this process refused to go my way. On Sunday, during SS, we talked about my frustration as we learned about spiritual trances (Act 22).  We discussed how hard meditation can be.  We talked about how much of our prayer time we spend directing God, as if he needed our input. Ugh! THEN, the Sunday message from Pastor was about “hearing” God! No kidding, it was!  Seriously, it was!!!

Did God hear me in my meditations?  Did He realize my frustrations?  Does He know we are all frustrated?  Did He think it best to give me a lil help with this whole meditation thing?  Yes, Yes, and YES!!!

God cares about our efforts to communicate with Him!

Also, He has his own process!!!

Closing out this very long Three Goals Thursday post, I want to ask you a question:  Do you want to be different?

My Experience:  Change is the way!!!!

You know the definition of insanity, right?  Doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting a different outcome.  It doesn’t work.  Instead, we need to abandon what doesn’t work, so we’ll have time to pursue what does!

What goals are you working on this week?  What change has made the biggest difference in your life to date?


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