The Four Seasons of Friendship

DSC_0697Winter is taking hold in NEPA, and as it does the trees are giving up their leaves and the northwest winds are beginning to blow in earnest.

The chapel on the hill looks lonely once the foliage departs.  DSC_0698It occurs to me that friendship is like the four seasons, ever-changing.

In the spring of our friendship everything was new; fresh.  It smelled good. Things heated up pretty quickly though, and our friendship’s summer sprang into being.  Some days were intense.  After a while a chill slipped in; the summer of our time together turned to fall.  Leaves fell.  Everything turned brown.  New growth slowed.  Energy once used to fuel summer fun dissipated, and we settled into a slow and gradual rest from all our “working.”

DSC_0700It’s at this point that folks think relationships die, and admittedly, some do.

Some do!

In the winter of our friendships, some do, but not all.

The difference between those relationships that continue to grow (albeit more slowly), and those that fade away is reciprocity.  If you want to have a friend, you have to be a friend…

DSC_0703Our friendship landscapes may brown a lil over time, but that doesn’t mean the end.

Know why?

Sometimes landscapes, and people, and friends need a respite. Sometimes they need a break. Sometimes they need a chance to experience a longing for that other that no one else can fill.


Long time friends agree that winter is for resting…revitalization…the business of storing up energy that will be needed later.

We don’t always have to be on top of our game, do we?

We’ve grown beyond that, haven’t we?

True friends say, YES!

It’s important that in the winter of our friendships we work at getting ready for summer once more.  It’s in the winter that we pull the weeds, burn the tares, throw out the thistles, and fertilize and cover fatigued root systems.

Friends get tired, too.

When we do, we pray for discernment, and as we pray, we wait and remain strong in our conviction that life is good, God is great, and friendship is ever-changing, but still one of the greatest gifts God has ever given.

Its important now, in winter, that we accept brown as the new green!

DSC_0704Brown is the new green!

DSC_0706Brown: the new green…

DSC_0705…and if we are tempted to forget, a rainbow reminds us that spring will come again.  It always does.

Wait for it!

Never rush it!

Trust in Him for all things.

Be content and wait…

What part of friendship’s four seasons do you dread most and why?  What would need to happen before you could see brown as the new green in your most valued friendship?

2 thoughts on “The Four Seasons of Friendship

  1. J Bird says:

    I dread the busyness of summer and love the season of resting that comes with winter.For when the business of summer slows and rather than activity with friends there is time for just being with friends. A more relaxed time of sharing, the good and the bad, with no place I have to be and nothing I have to do. Just time for being instead of doing!
    That is of course after the Christmas Holiday is gone by LOL.
    You have shown to be that friend and I am happy to find brown to be the new green with you!!

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