Where is my Photographer??

Aaron andMe

Pictured L to R: Me and A. He’s a cutie pie, that one!

Wishing my grandson was here to take my picture today.

I only have so many days per year that I am picture ready, and today is one.

Note: the day above inserted picture was taken was another good picture day.

J takes, hands-down, the absolute best pictures of me, ever!

Last night I had my hair done. Today I have my jazzy vest on.  I just came outta the bathroom after primping a bit, and hey, I look half way decent!!!

Where, oh where, is J????

If you see him, tell him to stop on over tonight, will ya?  That guy is a genius with a camera in his hands!!!!!

Who has been known to capture you at your best?  Who is your favorite photographer, and why?


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