The Nose Knows

000horse noseI recently ran across two odd bits of information that have made me re-think the world around me.

The first: Horses, when they like each other, snort up one another’s noses to publicize their warm and intimate feelings to others in the herd.

Odd, maybe, but this act is a definite outward sign of an inner longing that leaves everyone involved certain of their standing.

The second bit of odd info I gleaned was this:

That humans, when they encounter people who are stress factories or overbearing, are alerted to this fact by human hormone receptors within them that send unconscious signals to the brain that this other is someone to be avoided. 

That totally explains why some people give us the creeps right outta the gate.

It also explains why over time, after an initial urgent need has been met perhaps, we feel like we ought to put more distance between us and the stress-hormone-pumping-factories among us.

No hard and fast conclusions have been formed on my part relative to these discoveries.  Not yet, that is, but I am considering these bits of information and at some point in the future I fully intend to snort up someone else’s nose.

Just to let them know how much I love them, you understand.

What do you make of nose snorting horse behaviors?  What outward sign of warning do you wish you had recognized in the past, before you got “in” too deep?


2 thoughts on “The Nose Knows

    • lorihoose says:

      I won’t speak for you, but I know I can be a pill sometimes. 😉

      I think nose snorting is a great way to show love, and if I don’t get a nose snort from someone I think cares about me, well, then I will know, won’t I? LOL


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