Veteran’s Day–Does it Really Need to be Happy?


I was reading a blog recently that was talking about male emotions.  It got me thinking.

I saw many signs on social media today declaring Happy Veterans Day to the world.

Being the wife of a Vietnam Veteran, I think I can say with certainty that my hubs appreciates it when others thank him for his service to our country, but he does not view this as a happy day.

His service was not a happy duty.

He wasn’t happy to leave home at nineteen, forced into service by a national drafting system.

He wasn’t happy to be transported half way around the world, and be set down in a humid rain forest.

He wasn’t happy to trudge through said rain forest on a daily mission to search and destroy.

He wasn’t happy about the children that were called into service in defense of Vietnam.

He wasn’t happy to eat c-rations and lose tons of weight each day by sweating it through his pores.

He wasn’t happy, even when he was sent for a lil RNR, because he knew the war was waiting, waiting, waiting for him to return.

How can you be happy with that looming over your head?

He wasn’t happy to miss the growing years with his siblings.

He wasn’t happy to be a wartime veteran.

All this to say that when the call came, my husband went, but he didn’t go happily.

Bob went to Vietnam because he had been taught that service is what you give, and running to Canada is not an option.

He still carries a lil bit of resentment in his heart for guys like Mohammad Ali (formerly Cassius Clay).

Guys who shirked their duty.

Guys who ran away.

When Bob viewed the Vietnam Memorial in our country’s capital for the first time, it wasn’t with glee.  He wasn’t happy to stand in front of all those names, some of them soldiers he fought alongside, some of them brothers in arms.

He wasn’t happy that they never made it home.

He wasn’t happy that they never saw their babies grown.

He wasn’t happy that they were gone from his life, but he was proud.

Proud of each one of them, for who they were, for what they believed, for what they were willing to sacrifice, and for giving all for the United States of America.

As you go through your day today, Veteran’s Day 2015, try to remember: For many, this is not a happy day.  It is a day of sadness and remembrance, and yes, pride.

Freedom is never Free!

Thank You, Veterans, for your service–Thank You for giving all!!

Thank You, Bob!  I love you, baby!!!


2 thoughts on “Veteran’s Day–Does it Really Need to be Happy?

  1. J Bird says:

    This is one of the finest tributes to our Veterans that I have ever read. Sometimes we gloss over the ugly parts of life and I believe that dulls our appreciation for those who have served.
    And we forget that though it is one day a year that we focus on past wars and those who serve and have served but for our veterans there are daily reminders.
    Yes, I am so thankful for our vets and pray Lord remind me frequently that the freedom I enjoy has come at a cost to many who did what they were called to do, even when they didn’t want to and even when they knew the cost could be high. Remind me to pray for them and their families of whom some are still suffering the consequences of those wars on a daily basis.


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