An Early Thanksgiving Giggle

000thru the woodsThis morning I was spending five minutes with the Lord, trying, trying, desperately trying to hear Him speak to me in the brief time I had to peruse the Psalms.  Why do I always go there thinking I’m going to get something from that part of the Bible? It rarely works for me. I am NOT a poet; nor the daughter of a poet, nor, as far as I know the grand, great grand, or great, great grand of a poet.

I do not understand poetry!

I view the psalms as poetry, so why oh why do I constantly think that God is going to speak to me through them.  Again, I don’t understand poetry.

Admittedly, there are days when God speaks to me in the Psalms, but truthfully, they’re rare.

No, I am an Old Testament gal, and I always will be.  It is in the pages of the Old Testament, not the Psalms, that I most often hear God.  It shouldn’t have been a shocker, then, when during my humiliating attempt to hear Him in the Psalms this morning, God whispered to my spirit: Why don’t you try me over in the Old Testament? 

I did, and it was GRAND!

Thank you, Lord, for rescuing me from poetry confusion with some solid, pragmatic, understandable clarity from the OT.  My time there was well spent this morning, and I gotta say, I think I understood every word.

A side benefit of listening to God this morning is the gift he gave me while I was reading about the apple of his eye, King David.  I got the conclusion to a poem I began three days ago. I had struggled with how it should end, but when I was praying, after reading about King David leaving throne and castle to run from his son, I found the ending I had hoped for.  David’s humble attitude before God in hard times impressed me.  I thought, why not let the poems end show a lil of humbled humanity?

Woohoo!!!  I had it!

That’s Old Testament inspiration at it’s best–bringing forth the old to influence the new.  Even with silly poetry, it works, maybe because all words are living and God uses them in a variety of ways, both big and small. I dunno.  I can tell you, though, that I was thrilled to find the ending to my poem this morning while practicing meditation for five teeny, tiny moments.

In 2 Samuel 15 I learned that David left everything except the people he trusted and loved, and went out into the wilderness when he heard about Absalom’s plan to take the crown from him.  I thought as I read, what a wise man David was.

Things are just things–but finding God’s will in the midst of material possessions–only the few, gifted, truly sold out to God folks are smart enough to do that.

King David was wildly intelligent and wholly sold out to God.

Anyway, in reading from the Old Testament this morning I was given three gifts, for which I am very grateful.

–I was reminded that finding and following God is the most important thing–far more important than losing weight, holding onto your gold, or making plans for the future.

–I heard God.

–I also got an ending to my poem; a silly take on Holiday confusion.
I want to share that poem with you today, right now.  Enjoy!

My Turn

We went to your house, and we sat in the driveway

We went to your house; there was nobody home.

We went to your house, for the day ’twas Thanksgiving;

a time when all hearts turn to family and home.

We walked through the courtyard.

We stood on the lawn.

We banged your doorknocker,

then started to yawn.

No mortals to greet us; no morsels to eat.

We suffered, with nary a tidbit or treat.

We’d brought smashed taters.

We’d brought apple pie.

We’d brought sugared berries; a cranny surprise.

We thought you’d be waiting, but oh, what a shock.

The curtains were drawn and the doors were all locked.

Did we get the day wrong?

Did we “miss the boat”?

Did we bake in vain; is that “all she wrote”?

Dejected, we left with our bundle of goods;

over the river and back through the woods.

I waited, all bated; to Facebook I’d post,

when I realized this year, it was our turn to host.

With cherry-red face and a hint of chagrin,

I opened the front door and bid you come in.

Do you “get” poetry?  Where do you hear God most clearly, when reading His Word, the Bible?



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