Thursday, November 12, 2015

ThreeGoals-AlternativeHi Friends,

Thought I’d stop by to report on my progress this week with the three teeny, tiny goals I have set for myself for November. Before I do, I wanted to share with you some of my thoughts about my goals that were running through my head this week, running through in the form of anxiety.

Thought 1:  What if making static goals for November was a mistake?

Thought 2:  What if without new goals to shoot for every Thursday I get off track?

Thought 3:  What if I have provided too much wiggle room for a weasel like me with this static plan for November?

Thought 4:  What if I fall off this 3 teeny, tiny goal wagon I’m on, then what?

I’m happy to report that the things I worried about this week did not materialize.

Although I was tempted to skip my exercise a time or two this week, I did it anyway.

Although I was tempted to skip my oatmeal a time or two this week, I ate it anyway.

Although I had some frustrating times with my five minute meditations this week, I did them anyway.

Why did I do them anyway?

Because temptation will always be a part of the human experience for me, and because success comes from developing personal habits that will unconsciously move me through life to my goals.

I want to wake up one day and say to myself, “Wow, I can’t wait to exercise today!”

I do not YET like to get up early and exercise.

Some days I think my body likes it. Some days I know it definitely does not, but I keep doing it. My foot is back to tingling and feeling numb now that I have increased my time limit for exercising. I’m also in a good deal of pain in my lower back some days, but I’m exercising. This morning, the numb feeling spread across the top of my left foot, to the inner side of my foot. Usually it stays on the outer side, but not today.

I exercised anyway. 

I am determined!

I will not quit!
I know I’m building valuable habits with this repetitious routine.This week’s three teeny, tiny goals?

1. Exercise for 12 minutes every day, before doing anything else.
2. Eat oatmeal every day for breakfast.
3. Meditate for 5 minutes every day, preferably in the morning.

What are you shooting for in the way of habit this week? When have you told yourself, “Surrender is not a word I include in my vocabulary?”



2 thoughts on “Thursday, November 12, 2015

  1. J Bird says:

    I am shooting for just being able to stay focused on one thing at a time, one task at a time.
    Struggles abound with starting out strong with a schedule for the week on Monday and by Tuesday afternoon I am off track, jumping off from one thing to another.
    I need 3 goals, tiny goals that I can stick to. But I can’t stay focused long enough to figure out what they should be. I can think of at least 20 and don’t know which ones to start with.
    Heavy sigh!!

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    • lorihoose says:

      I soooo get where you are coming from, Jean. I used to be that way too, still am. That’s why I started my three teeny, tiny goal challenge for myself. I was sick of floating through the week, and feeling like I accomplished nothing that I set out to do. Now, I never feel that way, cuz at the end of the week I have achieved three, teeny, tiny goals that I designed for myself and worked to complete. Its a tiny victory, but a victory nonetheless. LOL Amazing what cheers me, isn’t it?

      But seriously, you do so much each week. Sooooo much. Sometimes when I hear about it all my head spins. You’re one determined, productive woman, you are, and I’m glad to call you friend.


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