Do Something!

000mom teresa


2 thoughts on “Do Something!

  1. J Bird says:

    This so speaks to me today as God has been speaking that very thing to my heart. As I come to him with so many questions about our future, His answer: “Do the right thing that is in front of you today and I will guide your steps into tomorrow.


    • lorihoose says:

      Amen! I so agree with you, Jean, and coincidentally, Mother Teresa!
      I have a tendency to over intellectualize the process, instead of just bending down to pick up a child and hug them tight, whispering in their lil ear that I love them, and I always will. Why is it easier for me to wrestle with the why and how, when advancements come with the here and now, and a “let’s do it” mentality? I’m learning, albeit slowly, to check in with God, check back with God, check a third time with God and then just do what needs to be done.

      BTW: I see you as a do-er of life, instead of an observer only–a good, good thing!

      Keep lookin’ up!!!!


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