All That You Need

000all u need

As our family heads into the Thanksgiving holiday, this one fact is on our mind:

We have all we need! 

We may not have…

New cars.

Vacation homes.

Bulging bank accounts, or a bevy of rental properties.

We don’t own our own businesses.

And we don’t have jet setting lifestyles, but…

We have all we need!

We have all we need and most of what we want in this life.

We are grateful and thankful to God for these things. 

He is the One who has made it possible for us to live in safety and comfort all the days of our lives.

Do we struggle sometimes?  Yes!

Do we strive to have more?  Sometimes,

But we also share with others, and invest ourselves in others, and benefit from knowing them, and pray that God will bless them with as many blessings as He has given to us.

We have all we need!

This Thanksgiving, we are praising God and thanking Him for all we have and for all that is yet to come.  He is the God of promises and blessings, so we figure there is more on the way.

We have all we need, but what’s He’s got, yeah, we’d gladly take a lil more.

Hallelujah, what a Savior!

What are you thankful for this time of year?  How has God blessed you with all you need?

One thought on “All That You Need

  1. J Bird says:

    What a beautiful picture here, and a beautiful message to go with it!

    I am thankful for God’s unconditional love, mercy and grace and most of all this year in the way He has made me so much more aware that He is with me ALL THE TIME!
    When I am so busy I can’t even think straight, when I am unable to sleep because my mind won’t stop going at warp speed, and when I am up early just trying to be still before Him (being still is a real struggle for me). But my faith has been strengthened in so many ways in and through it all as I continue to seek Him and His will for my life, with all my heart!
    His promise is true, when you seek me with all your heart you will find me!

    Jeremiah 29:13

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