Intentional Living

The words Live on Purpose cut out on pieces of paper and pinned to a bulletin board to remind you to live a determined, driven, purpose-filled life

Jesus asked his disciples to pick up their cross and follow Him (Matt 16:24).

If deciding to answer that call isn’t intention living, I don’t know what is.  Making a choice to carry Christ’s cross into the world means accepting the call to embark on a demanding and daily discipleship journey.  It’s not for the faint of heart.  It takes an individual toughness to pull off a victorious life of cross-carrying, and here’s why:

People don’t like to be reminded that death is waiting at their door.

Jesus died on his cross.

They don’t like to think about what might come  before human eyes close for the last time.

Jesus was singled out for torture and mocking before being nailed to his cross.

People want to hold onto their money and spend it on themselves.

Jesus lived a frugal life, full of work done with others in mind. He did not own a field, work a field, or bring in a harvest for  himself.  Jesus was selfless.

No one wants to subject themselves to mocking, belittling, and raging tempers, so often we go another route..

…but is that intentional Christian living?

Is comfortable sitting,  or check-writing, or bringing a dish to pass to our favorite all-you-can-eat church dinner an example of intentional living?

Is that what intentional living as a disciple of Christ is all about?

Maybe it is for some.

Maybe it’s what God has called them to do.

Maybe it took a sacrifice of time, money, and talent to bring that dish in the crock pot to that church supper.

For some, living on little is part of the status quo, and we need to respect that.

What I think, is that intentional living isn’t about how big or small the gift we bring to Jesus.  Intentional living is about thinking of Jesus before we decide what we’ll bring.

It’s about considering what He would have us do.

It’s about following the Bible’s guidelines and advice:

When it’s easy…

When it’s hard…

When it’s uncomfortable…

In every situation!

Today, I’m judging to the best of my ability, whether or not I’m living an intentionally Jesus-focused life.  I’m seeing some places where I could improve my serve, but I’m also seeing some areas in my life where I can say, “Yes, I am living intentionally for Christ!”  That makes me joyful!

What does intentional living look like for you?  Where do you see yourself being intentional with Jesus, His Church, others?


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