Christmas, Pupper, and Directory Pictures

000Schnauzer pupper-cropped

Last night we went to have our pictures taken for the directory our church is putting together.  None of us, and I mean NONE of us takes exceptionally good pictures, except the hubs.  I will tell you that the camera loves my husband.  He is handsome, I must confess, but that lens loves every angle on my man.  The contour of his jaw, the cut of his jib, the twist of his nose, even that bald head of his–the camera loves it all!

The camera makes the rest of us feel like chopped liver!

You know who doesn’t take great pictures? Me.  My mom.  My younger son.  Only my hubs and the grands have this charisma with the camera.  My grandsons are cute no matter what, and my DIL is a beautiful woman.  My older son is adorable, but the rest of us, not so much.  We’re good people, for sure, but we’re put together like Picassos, rather than  Rembrandts.  Still, the directory was being made and we’d been asked to show up and do our part to fill it, and we did.


We ran into a few problems when the staff for the directory was shooting our pictures last night.

Problem 1:  One of us had problems smiling.

Problem 2:  One of us wanted only one picture taken, that is all.  One picture.  Not two, or three, or a gazillion.  One.  That is all!

Problem 3:  One of us was having a bad hair day.  I will not like how my hair looks in the pictures when we see them again, but I bought some anyway. When you have the handsomest hubs in the world, one that the camera LOVES, you have to buy pictures, right?  Plus, we aren’t getting any younger, so if not now, when?  We bought the pictures!

Problem 4:  Three of us didn’t have time to eat before going to have our pictures taken, so we ate later. Like LATER, later. Like 9:45pm later.  Yeah, cuz that’s how we roll on picture-takin’ day.


There were some blessings along the way to getting our directory pictures taken.

Blessing 1:  We made it on time to our session and we didn’t look half bad.  Plus, the session reminded us that we have a photographer in our family for which we are very thankful, Danielle Barden, of Barden Photopgraphy, who captures the true essence of us and not our fake, made-up, directory-type selves (not that directory selves are bad, but you know, they are stiff and unreal).

Blessing 2: Sign-in went fairly well and we didn’t have to wait an hour for our turn.

Blessing 3:  Hubs was a laugh riot, which loosened me up and helped us both to have fun with our session. The pics of the two of us turned out better than expected, so I got my wallet out and swiped my card.

Note: Great in this case means Bob looked fantastic, and my picture will prolly not kill any rodents we have at home.  We have a cat to do that!

Blessing 4:  The senior photographer used to be a graphic artist in her hey day, so she and “M” had lots to talk about, including the ancient ways artists got their graphics to press.  The chit chat made the pitch go smoother.  It was fun to listen to them share their experiences with the graphic arts.

Blessing 5:  I was not ravenously hungry during our session, and so was able to stay in-the-moment throughout, which was a lil miracle for me.  Yay!

Bonus: The senior photographer had very impressive gray hair. If I could get mine to look like hers, I’d let it go au naturel.  It was shiny and healthy, and beautiful!  She had a great smile too, and her laugh was authentic. Nice!


The Christmas pupper I posted with this update today is an original piece; one my younger son created for me a few Christmas’ past.  I’d been looking for this graphic for a few days and couldn’t find it. I found it today so thought I’d share it here.  Plus, I wanted to brag on M and R for a minute today, mainly because I am sooo, sooo, sooooooo proud of who they have become and the talents they possess.  I love them boys!

Have you ever had directory pictures taken of your family?  Did everyone smile pretty for the camera?



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