Reporting for Goal Duty


OMM, I need to apologize again for not getting this update about my three teeny, tiny goals to you on time.

I’m sorry!!!

Side Note: OMM =Oh, my, my.  It works almost as good as my friend, Elwood’s, GN (Good Night!).  Besides, OMM isn’t quite as offensive as OMG, and I try to be as un-offensive as possible most days.  There are those days when I purposefully go without deodorant, but they are admittedly few and far between.  Note:  I may switch back and forth between OMM, and GN in future posts, so just wanted to make sure you understood my exclamatory reflections on events when I use these abbreviations. Those and the MANY exclamations points you will find peppering my prose.  😉

I love a good exclamation point!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


My goals for this week, teeny and tiny as they were, served me well. They were:

  1. Do 15 minutes of exercise each morning.
  2. Meditate for 5 minutes each morning.
  3. Count all calories eaten this week (a job I hate!)


Here’s how.

Goal No. 1-Great!  Although I was tempted to not exercise each morning this week, and sometimes I was tempted to do it but skim the numbers on how long I did it, I did exercise 15 minutes each day this week, first thing in the morning. I rode my bike probably 2 times, so not so well on that one, but hey, overall, I’m happy with myself on goal no. 1.

Goal No. 2-I did okay. Meditation is hard for me, so I won’t report stellar progress here, but I did my 5 minutes each day, and so I am a winner!  Yay!

Goal No. 3-This one was a shocker for me. I actually, no kidding, no lie counted every calorie and morsel that went in to my mouth this past week.  Yeah, you heard me right. I did!  I am so champion of my goals this week.  Maybe ever Goal Queen! 

And the band played on…

I’m celebrating the completion of my three teeny, tiny goals this week with a big ole smile on my face and a friendly “thumbs up” for me. I’m also giving God the glory for keeping me on track, honest, and encouraged as I worked my goals into existence.

Anything good I have ever done in this life, yeah, God gets the credit for that. He’s awesome!

TRUTH: I HATE counting calories, BUTTTT I love seeing my hips shrink. I also love feeling like a winner. I love buying smaller clothes, and fitting into regular-sized chairs, and having the stamina to run with the wee ones.  I love that I’m learning how to live a life of integrity before my fellows, too, but most of all I love feeling like Jesus is rooting for me and jumping up and down–in a dignified way, our course–when I hit that final goal on the head with my “mallet of determination!”

Love, Love, LOVE that!!!  He is such a cheerleader for me. 

And the Great News: He not only loves me, but he has SAVED me from sin in the form of self-destructive, sabotaging, ugly behaviors with food.  He’s saved me from food obsession, and from that nasty inner critic I have inside, and from the “guillotine of eternal reckoning.”

Woohoo, He’s saved me and He can save you, too!!


Starting yesterday (cuz I’m late reporting again, but let’s not linger there…), these were my three goals for the next seven days:

  1.  Get those exercises done first thing in the morning, without fail.
  2. Keep working at the meditation stuff. Eventually, it’ll be a habit.
  3. Count calories for the next seven days, and try to hate it less.

That’s it, my friends.

Oh, wait, one more thing.


If you are going to try something difficult for you this week, something you hate but know you need to do anyway, please, for crying out loud, try to have fun with it!!!  TRY!  It may not be fun, and it might take a lot out of you, and you might get grumpy, or be tempted to abandon all hope in the process, but try, try, try to lighten up a lil and have fun while you do it.  It IS good for YOU, and guess what, you deserve to enjoy all those good things. You are worth it!  It will feel better when you’re done.  Believe me, it always does.

You CAN DO THIS!  Try and SEE!

What fierce determination will you use to defeat the foe (inertia), this week?  What one teeny, tiny thing are you willing to do that will get you one teeny, tiny step closer to your goal or dream life? 


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