I had a long and enjoyable talk with someone I love very much the other day, and I was deeeee-lighted to hear that he is working on some goals at the end of 2015.


This fellow had a wake-up call the other day, and a light bulb came on in his head. He knew it was time to DO SOMETHING!!!

Yeah, this is forward movement of the very best kind.  I salute anyone who is willing to make any kind of teeny, tiny goal and progress in their life.


Here’s the thing: If you never dream about achieving anything more than what you are already doing, and you never put that dream into action, you will never do anything other than what you are doing right now. That includes:

Learning a new trade.

Finding a new vocation.

Adopting a new lifestyle.

Improving the amahzing skills you already have in place.

Finding new business opportunities.

Making new friends.

Understanding God more fully.

Losing your fears about tomorrow.

Gaining new confidence today.

It’s easy to coast through life, but when you coast, you also sort of give up and shrivel any potential you have for the future.

Don’t be a raisin.

Don’t allow yourself to shrivel.

Stop stalling and DO something! Anything! That thing you have been putting off. You know what it is. God speaks to your spirit every day about it.  He keeps whispering, urging, wooing you to it.  Give up. Surrender. Quit the fight, and do what He’s asked you to do. You can trust Him to never lead you astray.  Give in to His vision of empowerment for you.

DECIDE that you will QUIT stalling your PROGRESS, and GET GOING!

Make a promise to yourself before 2015 ends, then work to fulfill that promise.  Easy does it, but steady as she goes.

Now go on, change your world!!!

What has you stalled right now?  What perfect word is God whispering to you, but you have yet to believe it could be? What’s holding you back?

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