I love Christmas Eve!

Christmas Eve is the time when I finally exhale after a self-imposed and frantic season of little extras that have to get done.

I don’t know about you, but at my house if any goodies are baked during the holidays, I’ll be baking them.

The majority of the gift buying; I do it.

The cleaning and grocery shopping and visits and phone calls all seem to add to my “to do” list daily.

Don’t get me wrong, I love it, but on Christmas Eve I let all expectations go.

On Christmas Eve, as I take my seat in a candlelit sanctuary and focus on the pianist softly playing old favorite carols from my childhood, I delight at seeing friendly people pass by as they meet and greet each other with Christmas words.  It feels like I’m home, at last.

A peace settles over me on Christmas Eve.

On Chrustmas Eve I experience the serenity that is supposed to be Christmas.

I love Christmas Eve…

…maybe more than Christmas Day.  Is it wrong to say that?  It’s how I feel.  Christmas morning is too commercial and full of expectations, and, well, busy.  On the other hand, Christmas Eve is quiet, reflective, and serene.  I know that as I sit in that sanctuary and allow the stress of the season to leave me, peace will come to replace it.

I like that!

I will relax on Christmas Eve.

I will notice a special closeness with my Maker.

I will release all the troubles I’ve collected up over the last four weeks and I will let them roll off my brow, down my shoulders, over my fingertips and onto the floor.  There, they will stay as I walk out after the service, renewed.

I love my Christmas Eve sanctuary!

The poinsettias everywhere.

The golden decorations speaking richness to the room.

The unity and peace and cooperation of many, acting as one in worship.

The spiritual awareness that alludes me other days.

I love the anticipation…

…as we wait for this special time to begin.

I love the children that run happily by, full of energy and full of promise.

This family may appear fractured at times, but there exists a oneness among us that is unique to this place.

I love Christmas Eve.

I love belonging to something bigger than me–something ancient and primal. On Christmas Eve we will retell the old, old story through music and scripture readings.  I never tire of hearing it!

I love that my family will experience this with me, and I love that sense I have that when I am gone this legacy will continue.

I love Christmas Eve.

I love Christmas morn, too, and the early, sleepy, once-a-year moments that define it, but most of all I love a room full of candles and the singing of Oh, Holy Night.  Joy is mine when the room warms, as candle, after candle, after candle finds its flame.  That all these candles, individually held by mortal men and women become beacons of light when set ablaze by the one; I “get” the significance.

Joy to the World!

God with us!

Merry Christmas, Everyone!!!


2 thoughts on “Anticipation

  1. J Bird says:

    What a beautiful sentiment and rich expression of the real Christmas experience!
    We are not able to share in the Christmas Eve Service because that is our traditional time when we share with all of our family but I almost felt I was there for a moment as read your post. I could almost feel the warmth of the candles and the beauty of the poinsettias.
    Thanks so much for sharing your experience.

    Liked by 1 person

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