Church Directory

Hubs and I had our pictures taken for the church directory a few weeks ago.  We bought a package deal.  They came back to us a few days before Christmas.  Here is a shot of the triptych we bought with some unexpected Christmas funds.


Thank you, J & T, for making this purchase possible. You two are the best!!!

Here is a second shot of the pics we took that night.


Not too shabby!  I’m glad I wore lip gloss that night. It adds a lot to the finished product, I think.

The pictures turned out nice, but recapturing them with my Nikon wasn’t easy. The final product has some kind of protective film on it which causes a glare when the flash goes off on the camera.  You can really see it in this shot.  The other was taken without a flash, so it kinda has an orange sheen to it.

Our only regret with this series:  They didn’t have either me or Mr facing the other way on the end snap shots. It would have been nice if we had both been facing in toward the center shot, and that center shot is a lil off center, vertically, but hey, this ain’t half bad for the conditions that existed during the photo shoot.  Not bad at all.

Our church gym is not exactly what you would call a photo studio.

We had the photographers add our wedding date to the print composition. I’d seen that done before and thought it was cool.  That teeny lil blurb at the bottom of the pic says: Est. 1974

Yeah, we’re oldies, but goodies, and still not done making our mark on the world yet!

I wish the wedding blurb could have been bigger, and I told the gal that who pitched it to us.  Maybe they will change that as an option in the future.  For now, we will hang this in our living room and feel embarrassed every time someone says, “Wow, that’s nice!”

C’est la vie!

When have you had a portrait taken of you and your love?  Did it turn out the way you hoped it would?

2 thoughts on “Church Directory

  1. J Bird says:

    The pictures are awesome! Great job on the photographers work.
    I love the three pics in the one frame and when folks see the pictures in person a I am sure they will see the script below.
    Love the idea of Established and a date. Will keep that in mind for future pictures.
    Our pics were not so great. George was ok but mine was awful.
    Guess they need something to work with to start. LOL

    Liked by 1 person

    • lorihoose says:

      I usually take terrible pictures, and Bobs are always great. The camera loves his angles. We decided to have fun at our session, so I think they turned out better for that reason. Oh, and the lip gloss. 😉

      Thanks for the compliment. I thought they turned out nicely, too.


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