Three Goals Thursday 2016

ThreeGoals-AlternativeI’ve been off grid for a few weeks, but now I’m back–hopefully stronger than ever.  Being back in a new year makes me a lil nervous, but I have persevered with my fears of so great a potential to come up with three teeny, tiny goals I will shoot for in this coming week and year, and I want to share them with you.


My goals for the end of 2015 were simple: to enjoy time with family, move as much as I could, and eat those special treats I get at Christmas time but no other time of year.  I also had a goal to enjoy Christmas Eve services, although I maybe didn’t publish that goal here.  Services on Christmas Eve were as advertised and spectacular, and set the tone for Christmas Day. It was blessed!


My goals for this week have to do with single “must do” items that I have not been able to get done in the last few weeks, but that need to be done toot-sweet. Note: these goals are not habit-forming, except goal No. 1, but they include improvements and upgrades that at this time are much-needed in my life.

1. Continue on with morning oatmeal, exercise, and paying close attention to the type of foods I’m eating and in what amounts.

2. Buy new work shoes, whether they are sale priced or not.

3. Get those Christmas “Thank You’s” in the mail.

That’s it!

This week’s goal are teeny, tiny enough that I ought to be able to achieve them easily, and and in achieving them easily I will convince my unconscious mind that I am a “winner” heading into 2016.  Creating winning scenarios is what TGT is all about, so I’m excited to see the progress I will be making in 2016, one teeny tiny goal at a time!

Won’t you join me on this crusade to live intentionally this year?  What teeny, tiny goal do you need to chip away at during January, to make sure you’re on the right course for a new year?


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