5 Minute Monday

Today, we begin another challenge, this time a teeny, tiny individual initiative to break out of the doldrums to do something for a mere FIVE minutes.

5 Minute Mondays.

Here’s how it works:  You think of something you’d like to do. Something you meant to do, but didn’t. Something you’ve been putting off, as you’ve become victim to deadly procrastination.  Once you’ve thought of that thing, you contract with yourself to do it for FIVE minutes only.

What will your 5 Minute Monday project be?

Mine is reading about a new instrument I recently made a decision to  use.  I am so not mechanically inclined, so I need to read the booklet first, before attempting to use the device. Otherwise, who knows what might happen.  LOL

So, my 5 Minute Monday project will be to read the instruction manual on this new gadget for FIVE minutes today.  I know I will feel so much better once its done.

Now it’s time for you to decide.  What will your 5 Minute Monday project be?

Will you clean out the glove box on your car?

Will you go to the car wash?

Will you sort through your bills?

Maybe you’ll spend some time spooning on the couch with your love.

Could be your five minutes will be spent with a cup of Joe or cocoa.

Or maybe you’ll pet the dog and throw a ball around with him.

You could start the poem you’ve been putting off.

Or maybe outline your budget for next week or month.

Maybe you’ve been wanting to talk about your job with God. Do it today.

In 5 lil minute, what can you accomplish?

This is a new challenge I will be leveling out there every Monday for the remainder of the year, I hope. That is my intention, anyway.

What will you do for a mere FIVE minutes today?  When will you start the clock on your 5 Minute Monday WIN?


2 thoughts on “5 Minute Monday

  1. J Bird says:

    Great idea, and my 5 min on Monday project will be to take care of 1 box in my office. There are 12 boxes that have been cluttering up my office since a year ago when we moved here ( there were 15 but I had a serge of energy a few months ago and took care of 3 of them).

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