3 Goals

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It’s 4:10 pm on Thursday as I’m posting this week’s update.  It has been rush, rush, rush all day long, which is why I’m late getting this to press.  I’m determined to get it to you on time this week, though, so here we go…


1. Continue on with morning oatmeal, exercise, and paying close attention to the type of foods I’m eating and in what amounts.

2. Buy new work shoes, whether they are sale priced or not.

3. Get those Christmas “Thank You’s” in the mail.


Goal No. 1: Stellar!!!!  I am crushing this goal and feeling pretty darn good about it.  I’m doing so well with this goal, in fact, that I’m gonna increase my exercise number for this week.  I have a new exercise video and I’m going to be using that this week, too.  Last time I did it, my hips hurt so much!!!!  That’s how you know it’s working. The burn, baby, the burn!

Goal No. 2:  SCORE!  I ordered my news shoes and they were already delivered. They fit snuggly, which is to be expected, but they look so much better than the old ones on my feet. Now, I’m not embarrased to go to work with my shabby office shoes. These ones gleam in the sunlight.

Speaking of sunlight, did you see that morning pillar of light today?  Amazing!  Here is a picture of it, for those who didn’t see it. My pillar of light to lead me to the health and wellness promise land, I call it!

000NEPA sunrise JAN 21

Amazing, right?  I wouldn’t steer you wrong!

Goal No. 3: I DID IT!  I got my Thank You cards in the mail this week.

I am a super hero!!!  [applause sounds through the arena]

Truth: Someone gave me a new super hero name today. It was totally unexpected.  He called me, are you ready for this: SOLUTION GIRL!  [tears]  Can there by any super hero name more precious and beloved by an office manager.


It has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it?  😉

But seriously, it feels pretty good to have succeeded with all my tiny goals this week.  And what’s better is that with each goal I completed, my brain registered me as a winner.  It’s not about size–not with habit formation, anyway–it’s about winning.  Setting teeny, tiny goals makes me a winner every time, which is why I’m doing just that.


1  Increase daily exercise to 18 minutes.

2  Continue to meditate on a daily basis, preferably in the morning. I’ve been slipping on this one recently, so want to get it back on my list.

3  Track my sugar intake at least one day this week, more if I want, but one day for sure.

That’s it.  My three goals for this week. They look pretty tiny, so I’m confident going into the week.  Check in with me, if you want, and ask me about my goals and how I’m doing. I always love to hear from my readers, YOU in particular!

What three teeny, tiny goals will you set for yourself this week?  Who is your go-to guy or girl




6 thoughts on “3 Goals

  1. J Bird says:

    Solution Girl, fits you well. That is why you are my go to girl !
    I have been trying to find a way to learn to use goal setting for years and these teeny tiny goals, as well as having an accountability friend have helped me to find a way to do it that is actually fun instead of a gruesome chore. Sometimes I think my goals are a little silly but after only two weeks I find that at the end of the week I feel good about achieving them. In the past I would put down high and lofty goals that were good but often were not practical and I would end the week feeling defeated, and by the end of the month would give up on them.
    I am also learning that it is ok to evaluate and change goals as I learn more about myself in the process of working on my goals.
    This week my goals were to:
    1. Eat oatmeal every day, limit coffee and avoid spicy foods
    2. Walk 5 minutes a day
    3.Be dressed, in my office and ready to work by 9 am Mon – Fri

    My Score:
    1. 10/10 for oatmeal, 0/10 for limit coffee, and 10/10 for avoid spicy food
    It appears I have a habit of needing a cup of coffee in front of me while I am working in the office. And two nights of insomnia this week gave me the perfect excuse for having more coffee
    But cudos to me for two steps forward with the oatmeal and spicy food!!

    2. 10/10 walking 5 min a day. I only walked outside one day due to the cold weather but I did find other ways. I walked around Walmart for 5 minutes one day before starting my shopping there and the other days I walked through my house and down to the basement and back for 5 minutes (takes exactly 10 trips to do 5 minutes.

    3. 8/10 for on time to office – I was 10 minutes late two different days. One day had to go to pick up grandkids at 8 am and take them to school and that put me behind and one day I had insomnia until about 2 am so slept later than usual.

    Over all feeling I did well and am anxious to begin a new week. My goals for this week are:
    1. Continue eating oatmeal everyday, limit caffeine and limit spicy foods
    2. Increase walking to 10 min a day
    3. Continue to be up, dressed and ready to office to work by 9 am

    Prayers and helpful comments are welcome and appreciated.

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    • lorihoose says:

      You are doing great, Jean! I love that you are making your goals teeny, tiny this time around. We are working to create winning scenarios, so smaller is better. Resist making too big a jump with any one goal, but even when you do, know that you will learn something valuable about yourself in the process that will lead you to reevaluate and hone your goal skills to an even sharper point next time.

      I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that you shared this week’s goal in this post. It will encourage many, I am sure. Don’t forget to share with us the results next Thursday. I know you’re gonna do GREAT!!!!! 🙂


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