Feeling Especially Gifted!

My niece made me a gift this week.


She is so crafty!

I definitely am not!

I love this!!


I love the textures and patterns on my new wall hanging.


I particularly love the way the pattern looks like a series of mouth, talking, talking, talking.

And teaching!

I talk a lot.

I teach a little, too.

What can I say, I have a lot to say!


That center piece of twine, its a pin.  Did Dani make the pin, too? I dunno, but it is so me.




Free-spirited, but all put together.


See how the twine matches perfectly with the rough edged cut material with all the mouths. See how they continually speak to you, now that I’ve mentioned those mouths?



I don’t know what I did to deserve this kindred spirit God sent my way, but Danielle, I love you!  Thanks for thinking of me, and thanks for putting those thoughts into action.

I adore my latest addition to the Hoose homemade collection. This piece is on tour right now, at the office, but it will soon be taken to the home gallery where I can enjoy it every day from the privacy of my talky, hillside, country chic mountainside cabin at the top of the world.

When have you received an unexpected blessing in the form of a handmade gift?  Who gave it to you, and what was the occasion?


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