Welcome to 5 Minute Monday!

Did you have a good weekend?

Mine was “full, full, full,” as Eloise would say!  I’m glad, glad, glad to be back at the office, and so glad to be celebrating Monday with my own special 5 Minute project.

You remember how this challenge goes, right?

5 Minute Monday is about doing something you’ve wanted to do for a while, but haven’t had the time, and it’s not about hard jobs, either.  Its about staying focused and enjoying doing something for just five minutes.

On 5 Minute Mondays you’re invited to do something different for 5 minutes.  So what will your project be today?

Will you sort the laundry for 5 minutes?

Or maybe you’ll clean out the garage for 5 minutes?

Will you get on the elliptical?

Maybe your 5 minutes will be spent in solitude in the bathroom.  Not a bad choice!

Or could be you’d like to read an Op Ed piece on Donald Trump, or Hillary Clinton, or a host of others vying for the job of POTUS in November?  It’s 5 Minute Monday–go ahead, have at it!

Recent 5 Minute Monday projects have included…

Someone cleaned out their HEPA filters and now breathes more easily.

Another caught up on blogging assignments.

One sent appreciation notes to co-workers.

Still another, played with his dog for five minutes (really, more!). 

What will my 5 Minute Monday challenge be?

Today, I will be spending my 5 minutes at the water cooler, going over the weekend’s happenings with my co-workers.  This is valuable networking stuff I rarely do, but that benefits all involved.  It’s good to laugh together with the people you work with, especially when the work you do is serious most of the time. Today, I will play at the water cooler for FIVE WHOLE MINUTES.  Yipee!

I’ll stop by later to let ya know how it goes.

What will you do for 5 minutes today that you have not done in a long, long time.  What could you do for 5 minutes today that would bring 10 minutes worth of joy to your life?



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