Migraine Morning


Today, I did my exercises!  Yay, me!!

I know, I know. I said I was going to take a break from all the pain, and I did. I didn’t exercise from Sunday morning until today (Friday), and I have to say I’m happy about that–my body needed the rest. However, with the morning sun this day, I felt the need to exercise.

Isn’t it amazing what habit can do for a body; any body?! I love it!

This morning, my exercise routine was shorter than normal.  I didn’t want to push too hard and be miserable with pain again. There was another reason why I didn’t hit the exercise too hard this morning, though.  I had a migraine!


You heard me right.  A migraine! 

I never get migraines!!!  Well, almost never.  I’ve only had one other in the whole of my life, that I know of, and that didn’t result in headache pain, only oral distortion.  Today, I got the whole enchilada.  All of it.  The dot that starts in the center of your field of vision, followed by increasing blindness, and then the pain.  It all started when I bent over to get some water out of the pantry.  I experienced this slight pain in the side of my head, then whammo!!!

Now, as I’m typing this post, I have the feeling that someone is alternating squatting on the side of my head, with the front of my forehead, right where one’s nasal cavity travels down the front of their face.

Get off my sinuses, migraine elephant. Please!!!

I write about this migraine for two reasons.

1  To say I’m thankful that I got my exercise in before the migraine came this morning.  So thankful!

2  To let me niece, Danielle, know that she infected me with her migraine when I saw her yesterday.

Why, oh why, did I hug her? 

I should have kept my distance, and then everything would have been okay.

I’m kidding, of course!

Everybody knows migraines are not contagious.  Or do we?


I’m laughing now, but this morning I thought it was wayyyyy ironic that Danielle had a migraine Wednesday which left her fuzzy-headed when she was at her MOPS meeting yesterday, and that I begged off clear thinking at that same MOPS meeting, admitting that a migraine didn’t cause my problem with clear thinking or speaking, but using it as a possible excuse anyway.

I spoke too soon! 


Right now, I’m administering the cure for early morning migraine–a stiff brew of Dunkin Dark, straight, no cream, please!!!  I hope this works!

What a way to start the weekend!  Ya know what, though, I’ve decided to praise the Lord anyway!  Yep, I’m praising the Lord anyway, how ’bout you?

Have you ever had a migraine that incapacitated you?  Did strong coffee do the trick and fix that pounding pain?


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