A Lil Delivery Humor

000HUMOR test tuba babu

I have friends who recently gave birth, so this comic was especially comical to me when I received it from my cousin today.

In reality, momma did all the work last week, but daddy was right there by her side, supporting, praying, and rejoicing with her when the product of months of wondering came to fruition.  A baby daughter, and such a cutie.  These two are blessed, and they know it.

Congratulations, S & L, on the birth of wee T this week.   I’m over-the-moon happy for you and wee one’s big sissy!

I know you guys are going to be a happy family together with E.  Enjoy these first few weeks together. Magical times, my friends. These are magical times!!!

My cousin regularly sends me cartoons he finds on the interweb.  Each time I open an email from him I have another chance to smile, snicker, or guffaw at what he’s sent.  I’m that gal you know who needs to laugh  more, so the cartoons and comics he sends are always a welcome addition to my day.

I love the chance to smile that this comic panel provides.  Test tuba deliveries-Ha!

When have you celebrated the birth of a baby you knew was more than wanted?  What comic strips do you regularly follow, and why?





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