The Snowman’s Valentine

PlayI had a chance to practice my granna skills this week.  The grands were at our house from Saturday to Thursday morning, when they finally realized a long-awaited dream of NEPA sledding on a scant dusting of snow in the front yard before heading home to over a foot of the white stuff.

While the boys were with us we celebrated Valentine’s Day together, which  prompted much discussion of love and hugs…paper hearts with sappy notes on the back, and special treats. The Elder grand is in playwright mode lately, so he wanted to write a play. Actually, in the beginning he wanted to write a play, then he wanted me to write it for him, then he wanted me to actually write his play, while he dictated it to me.  We borrowed a lil from column A and a lil from Column B when things were all said and done.

So. Much. Fun.

I love that he loves to write!

While The Elder was deciding what he wanted to do with his play, Granna took up the task of writing hers, for him, at his request. What you are about to read is a story of snowy cold February nights, friendship, love and of course, Valentine’s.  It’s all J approved.   Enjoy!  😉
The Snowman’s Valentine                                                                  by J and Granna H

One night in February, when the snow was softly falling and the moon was brightly shining, Mr. Snow took a walk through the town around Granna’s Woods.

“My, what a pretty night it is,” he said. “The only thing better than all this snow and moonlight and cold would be someone to share it with.”

Mr. Snow was hoping to meet a snow female that he could walk with in the park. He heard a car running and went to explore. Maybe he’d find a pretty snow miss over there, near the parking lot.

“I hope the moon keeps shining and the snow keeps falling tonight,” he said to nobody in particular. “Tonight is the perfect time to play.”

Mr Snow went by the car, but there was no one there.

Mr Snow went by the grocery store, but there was no one there.

Mr Snow strolled past the library, but there was no one there.

Next, he went to the church, but there was no one there either. Mr. Snow was getting discouraged when he happened upon Cute Ears, his long-time foxy friend.

“Why are you out on such a cold night?” asked Cute Ears.

“I’m looking for a new friend to walk with,” said Mr Snow.

“Why don’t you make one?” Cute Ears wondered aloud.


“All you need is a carrot, some twigs, a scarf, and a valentine,” Cute Ears replied.

“A valentine,” asked Mr Snow, “what’s that?”

“It’s a heart made to celebrate love. Everyone makes them on Valentine’s Day.”

“Can you help me do it, Cute Ears?”

“I can! Let’s collect some twigs, and rocks, and a carrot from Farmer Brown.”

They walked off together, the snow falling harder and Mr Snow’s hope growing bigger.  He was getting more and more excited.

When all they needed had been found, Mr Snow and Cute Ears got to work rolling new snow into three heavy balls. They were big, bigger, and biggest of all. The two friends set them up, one on top of another, and soon Mr Snow’s valentine began to take shape. A little straw on her head, topped by a hat and a scarf, and Mr Snow had that new friend he’d been hoping for.

All of a sudden he felt shy.

“What’s wrong?” Asked Cute Ears, “don’t you want to stroll with her through the park?”

“I do, but I’m afraid to ask her.”

“Let me ask her for you,” said Cute Ears.

Soon, Missy touched her new friend’s twig hand and blinked two long leaf lashes over her coal black eyes.

She was a natural beauty.

Cute Ears handed Mr. Snow the valentine he’d made earlier that night, and leaned in to whisper, “Give it to her!”

Mr. Snow did, and he watched as snowy white cheeks blushed pink.

His new friend was charmed and happy. Missy took his frosty hand in hers and they strolled, through the park, past the church, toward the grocer’s, together, a full moon hanging low in the cold February sky.

The End.


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